Saturday, February 24, 2007

Combine Day 1 Notes

Greg Olsen shocked most everybody, including himself, by running a pair of sub-4.5 40 times. I’ve had Zach Miller ahead of him all along, but this just moved him ahead by a mile. It also helped him that Miller ran around a 4.8. Miller is a better blocker right now, and had a little more productive of a college career, but Olsen has far superior athletic skills. Coming into the combine, I thought they were nearly equal athletically, (most draft sites estimated both running in the 4.7 range), so I had Miller ranked #1 because of his blocking ability. Olsen has undoubtedly launched his draft status into the mid to late 1st round area, while Miller’s first round chances have definitely takes a shot. This is a prime example of how the combine can help or hurt players that look pretty even on tape.

Some other notes from the OL, TE workouts:

Tony Ugoh looked very athletic, registering a 9’9” Broad Jump (9’2” was last year’s #1 for an OL), after pulling a quad. The doctors told him to take it easy for the day, but he tried it anyways. This shows great toughness, as well as overall athletic ability. Earlier today he ran a 40 in around 5 flat, while many draft sites estimated he’d run closer to a 5.4. He also has extremely long arms (36”).

Small school players have definitely had a great day overall. Allen Barbre, an OG/OT from Missouri Southern State, ran a 4.84, one of the fastest times for an O-Lineman in a long time. Michael Allan, a TE from D3 Whitworth College, ran a 4.67, which is not bad considering it was second among tight ends only to Greg Olsen’s 4.45.

Joe Thomas and Ryan Kalil both decided to do the full workout at the combine. I projected them both in the 1st round, with Thomas at #4 overall and Kalil at #26, and they did nothing but help themselves here. Both ran sub-5 second 40’s, and Thomas did 28 reps of 225, while Kalil got 34. I’m a strong believer that the NFL should FORCE healthy players to work out at the combine. It’s becoming very popular for top prospects to wait until their pro day, where they’ll have had more time to prepare and possibly a faster surface to run on. This is not right, and if I were a GM or coach, I’d put an asterisk by those kinds of players.

Here are today's official numbers, from

OL Bench Presses (225lbs)
Justin Blalock, OG/Texas: 40
Manuel Ramirez, OG/Texas Tech: 40
Nathan Bennett, OG/Clemson: 34
Dustin Fry, C/Clemson: 34
Brandon Frye, OT/Virginia Tech: 34
Cameron Stephenson, OG/Rutgers: 34
Enoka Lucas, C/Oregon: 34
Kasey Studdard, OG/Texas: 32
Tony Ugoh, OT/Arkansas: 32
Levi Brown, OT/Penn St: 31
Doug Datish, C/Ohio St: 31
Stephon Heyer, OT/Maryland: 30
Ben Grubbs, OG/Auburn: 29
Leroy Harris, C/N.C. St: 29
Allen Barbre, OG/OT/Missouri S St: 28
Corey Hilliard, OG/OT/Oklahoma St: 28
Dan Mozes, C/West Virginia: 28
Ken Shackleford, OT/Georgia: 28
Joe Thomas, OT/Wisconsin: 28
Mike Jones, OG/Iowa: 28
Mansfield Wrotto, OG/Georgia Tech: 27
Joe Staley, OT/C Michigan: 27
Drew Mormino, C/C Michigan: 27
Andy Alleman, OG/Akron: 27
Herbert Taylor, OT/TCU: 26
Samson Satele, C/Hawaii: 25
Josh Beekman, OG/Boston College: 24
Uche Nwaneri, OG/Purdue: 24
Elliot Vallejo, OT/Cal-Davis: 24
Dan Santucci, OG/Notre Dame: 23
Andrew Carnahan, OT/Arizona St: 22
Mark Fenton, C/Colorado: 22
Doug Free, OT/Northern Illinois: 22
Gabe Hall, OT/Texas Tech: 22
Ryan Harris, OT/Notre Dame: 22
Palauni Ma Sun, OG/Oregon: 22
Chris Denman, OT/Fresno St: 21
Arron Sears, OG/Tennessee: 21
Scott Stephenson, C/Iowa St: 21
Tim Duckworth, OG/Auburn: 20
Mario Henderson, OT/Florida St: 20
Adam Koets, OT/Oregon St: 20
Mike Otto, OT/Purdue: 20
Stephen Berg, OG/Arizona St: 19

OL Top 40 Times
Allen Barbre, OG/OT/Missouri S St: 4.84
Gabe Hall, OT/Texas Tech: 4.91
Joe Thomas, OT/Wisconsin: 4.92
Ryan Kalil, C/USC: 4.96
Tony Ugoh, OT/Arkansas: 5.06
Andy Alleman, OG/Akron: 5.07
Brandon Frye, OG/Virginia Tech: 5.08
James Marten, OT/Boston College: 5.08
Adam Koets, OT/Oregon St: 5.08
Ryan Harris, OT/Notre Dame: 5.09
Justin Blalock, OG/Texas: 5.10
Mario Henderson, OT/Florida St: 5.11
Doug Datish, C/Ohio St: 5.13
Kasey Studdard, OG/Texas: 5.18
Herbert Taylor, OT/TCU: 5.19

OL 20 yard shuttle
Samson Satele, C/Hawaii: 4.29
Ryan Kalil, C/USC: 4.34
Adam Koets, OT/Oregon St: 4.47
Ryan Harris, OT/Notre Dame: 4.52
Drew Mormino, C/C Michigan: 4.53
James Marten, OT/Boston College: 4.54
Scott Stephenson, C/Iowa St: 4.57

OL 3-Cone Drill
Adam Koets, OT/Oregon St: 7.44
Corey Hilliard, OG/OT/Oklahoma St: 7.45
Dan Santucci, OG/Notre Dame: 7.47
Samson Satele, C/Hawaii: 7.47
Drew Mormino, C/C Michigan: 7.48
Ryan Kalil, C/USC: 7.50
Mike Jones, OG/Iowa: 7.50
Gabe Hall, OT/Texas Tech: 7.59
Mario Henderson, OT/Florida St: 7.60
Mike Otto, OT/Purdue: 7.62

OL Broad Jump
Tony Ugoh, OT/Arkansas: 9’9”
Doug Free, OT/Northern Illinois: 9’3”
Joe Thomas, OT/Wisconsin: 9’2”
Mario Henderson, OT/Florida St: 9’1”
Andy Alleman, OG/Akron: 8’10”
Corey Hilliard, OG/OT/Oklahoma St: 8’10”
Adam Koets, OT/Oregon St: 8’10”
Drew Mormino, C/C Michigan: 8’9”
Mike Otto, OT/Purdue: 8’9”
Allen Barbre, OG/OT/Missouri S St: 8’9”
Gabe Hall, OT/Texas Tech: 8’8”
Ryan Kalil, C/USC: 8’8”
Enoka Lucas, C/Oregon St: 8’8”
Brandon Frye, OT/Virginia Tech: 8’7”
Doug Datish, C/Ohio St: 8’6”

OL Vertical Jump
Samson Satele, C/Hawaii: 33.5”
Joe Thomas, OT/Wisconsin: 33”
Tony Ugoh, OT/Arkansas: 32.5”
Brandon Frye, OT/Virginia Tech: 32.5”
Allen Barbre, OG/OT/Missouri S St: 32”
Adam Koets, OT/Oregon St: 32”
James Marten, OT/Boston College: 30.5”
Andy Alleman, OG/Akron: 30”
Doug Free, OT/Northern Illinois: 30”
Scott Stephenson, C/Iowa St: 29.5”
Dan Santucci, OG/Notre Dame: 29”
Gabe Hall, OT/Texas Tech: 29”
Justin Blalock, OG/Texas: 28.5”

TE Bench Presses (225lbs)
Daniel Coats, BYU: 34
Derek Schouman, Boise St: 27
Greg Olsen, Miami: 23
Clark Harris, Rutgers: 21
Gijon Robinson, Missouri W St: 21
Joe Newton, Oregon St: 20
Dante Rosario, Oregon: 20
Michael Allan, Whitworth: 19
Martrez Milner, Georgia: 19
Scott Chandler, Iowa: 16
Chad Upshaw, Buffalo: 16
Anthony Pudewell, Nevada: 15
Jonny Harline, BYU: 15

TE Top 40 Times
Greg Olsen, Miami: 4.51
Michael Allan, Whitworth: 4.71
Gijon Robinson, Missouri W St: 4.71
Ben Patrick, Delaware: 4.74
Derek Schouman, Boise St: 4.74
Dante Rosario, Oregon: 4.76
Kevin Boss, W Oregon: 4.78
Scott Chandler, Iowa: 4.78

TE 20 yard shuttle
Derek Schouman, Boise St: 4.27
Ben Patrick, Delaware: 4.31
Scott Chandler, Iowa: 4.32
Clark Harris, Rutgers: 4.40
Anthony Pudewell, Nevada: 4.41
Kevin Boss, W Oregon: 4.41

TE 3-Cone Drill
Kevin Boss, W Oregon: 6.96
Dante Rosario, Oregon: 6.96
Derek Schouman, Boise St: 7.00
Zach Miller, Arizona St: 7.01
Greg Olsen, Miami: 7.04
Jonny Harline, BYU: 7.05
Daniel Coats, BYU: 7.07
Ben Patrick, Delaware: 7.21
Gijon Robinson, Missouri W St: 7.23
Chad Upshaw, Buffalo: 7..23

TE Broad Jump
Michael Allan, Whitworth: 10’3”
Derek Schouman, Boise St: 10’2”
Martrez Milner, Georgia: 9’9”
Gijon Robinson, Missouri W St: 9’8”
Kevin Boss, W Oregon: 9’8”
Dante Rosario, Oregon: 9’7”
Zach Miller, Arizona St: 9’7”
Greg Olsen, Miami: 9’6”
Clark Harris, Rutgers: 9’4”
Ben Patrick, Delaware: 9’3”

TE Vertical Jump
Derek Schouman, Boise St: 37.5”
Michael Allan, Whitworth: 36”
Dante Rosario, Oregon: 36”
Greg Olsen, Miami: 35.5”
Kevin Boss, W Oregon: 35”

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