Saturday, January 31, 2009

Texas vs. Nation Game Report

I watched the game twice, and here's what I came up with:

1. Bernard Scott, RB/ACU: Great vision and quickness, keeps legs driving and is surprisingly powerful. Needs to add weight and has a slight frame, but there is definitely a spot for a guy with his talent at the next level.

2. Terrance Knighton, DT/Temple: He appeared to be unblockable at times, splitting double teams like they were nothing. If he got pushed back at all, I never saw it. There were a couple plays it seemed like he took off, so conditioning may be an issue.

3. Zach Potter, DL/Nebraska: Rotated seemlessly between DT and DE. Does a good job of getting his hands up to block throwing lanes, is definitely athletic enough and looks huge on the field. Looks like a 3-4 DE to me.

4. Frantz Joseph, MLB/FAU: He was all over the field, excellent vs. the run and is a violent hitter. Solid but nothing special in coverage, may be a 2-down LB in the NFL, intercepted a tipped pass but didn't show much speed on the return.

5. Johnny Knox, WR/ACU: He displayed amazing concentration on his touchdown catch, a tipped pass, looks very quick running routes and in the open field, but for some reason didn't look very comfortable as a returner. He'll need to put on some weight and looked thin, but he definitely has the tools to be a productive slot receiver.

6. Lydon Murtha, OT/Nebraska: He never got beat, looked like he should've been at the Senior Bowl. Has battled injuries over the past 2 seasons but has a ton of talent. No matter who he was going up against today, he was just physically a better player than them. Moves well at the 2nd level.

7. Adrian Grady, DT/Louisville: Penetrated the pocket consistently, was in on the play a lot for a DT.
8. Antonio Appleby, ILB/Virginia: Big LB, big hitter, looked a little stiff in coverage but overall he was very impressive and made plays.
9. David Johnson, QB/Tulsa: His decision making wasn't too great, threw into double coverage some but showed very good accuracy and looked comfortable in the pocket.
10. Lardarius Webb, CB/Nicholls St: Looks like an NFL athlete, excellent closing speed and flashed potential as a returner.
11. Jamar Love, CB/Arkansas: Made the hit of the night as a gunner, even though he got the flag. Fast, fast, fast, recovers very well.
12. Derek Walker, DE/Illinois: I was wondering why Will Davis got the Senior Bowl invite and it wasn't the other way around, and he confirmed that for me today. Struggled some when ran at, but beat his man inside and out.
13. Colt Anderson, S/Montana: Heady and instinctive player with excellent quickness. Makes up for his limited size/speed with his knowledge for the game and hustle.

14. Kory Sperry, TE/Colorado St: Didn't really make many plays but looked fluid in his routes and controlled his man for the most part as a blocker.
15. Roger Allen III, OG/Missouri Western: Held his ground against bull rushes, got a good push in the running game.
16. Jason Chery, WR/PR/La-Lafayette: Had a couple of excellent returns, didn't do much as a receiver though. Very fast & dangerous in the open field.
17. Stephen Hodge, SS/TCU: Looks way too big to be a safety, but he makes plays. Got beat some by Davon Drew but was all over the field.
18. Rulon Davis, DL/California: Prototypical DE size, he fought to keep the hands off him and even played some DT.
19. Blake Schlueter, C/TCU: He looked quick and played to the whistle. One of the few bright spots in an overall disappointing OL performance.
21. Khalif Mitchell, DT/ECU: Physically, he's got all the tools. Doesn't consistently dominate but made some big time plays.
22. Rashad Bobino, ILB/Texas: Excellent instincts, reads and reacts very quickly but is small.
23. Lydell Sargeant, CB/Penn St: Didn't hear his name called, but sometimes that's a good thing at CB, blanketed his man.
24. Davon Drew, TE/ECU: Athletic, a WR in a TE body, can hold his own as a blocker but he specializes in the passing game, runs smoothe routes and is a hands catcher.

25. Ryan Purvis, TE/Boston College: Soft hands, won't jump out at you but is a solid player.
26. James Holt, OLB/Kansas: Good range, but didn't look very aggressive.
27. Lee Robinson, OLB/Alcorn St: Physical freak of nature, made some plays but will be a project.
28. Dudley Guice, WR/Northwestern St: Isn't a hands catcher but is physical and gets open.
29. Henry Melton, DE/Texas: One of my favorite players, a former RB who didn't flash a whole lot but was rarely driven back and got consistent pressure.
30. Jason Boltus, QB/Hartwick: Some might argue with me but I think he showed some potential tonight after he calmed down. Has a cannon but a little bit of a funky release.
31. Frank Summers, FB/UNLV: Sure handed RB/FB, he's HUGE and gets yards after contact.

32. Londen Fryar, CB/WMU: Irving's son showed good athleticism and wasn't beaten all day.
33. Nader Abdallah, DT/Ohio St: Didn't play like I thought he would after hearing about the practices, but was stout vs. the run and didn't get pushed back.
34. Dobson Collins, WR/Gardner-Webb: Targeted a lot, a fluid athlete with good size.

35. Pierre Walters, DE/Eastern Illinois: Played with leverage.
36. Kevin Malast, LB/Rutgers: Will be a good special teamer.
37. Jordan Norwood, WR/Penn St: Didn't play as good as I expected, but he's quick

38. Reshard Langford, SS/Vanderbilt: Good help vs. the run, but he got ran over by Frank the Tank.
39. Ian Campbell, DE/LB/Kansas St: Doesn't look like enough of an athlete to play LB, but he hustled and made some plays.
40. Gerald Cadogan, OT/Penn St: Consistently held off his man, nothing special but is a good player.
41. Jahi Word-Daniels, CB/Georgia Tech: Made some good hits and looked quick.
42. Devin Moore, RB/Wyoming: Doesn't look like he runs a sub-4.4 to me but I think he could be a good 3rd down back at the next level.
43. C.J. Davis, OL/Pittsburgh: Got to the 2nd level well and held up at the point of attack.
44. Chris Owens, CB/San Jose St: He's not the most talented player at this game like some have said, but he should be a solid nickelback for someone.
45. Yonus Davis, RB/San Jose St: Definitely not in the same class as Sproles or MJD, but has some moves and solid vision.

46. Brannan Southerland, FB/Georgia: Ran with power and blocked well.

46. DeAngelo Willingham, CB/Tennessee
47. Etukeren Ataefiok, DE/LB/Georgetown
48. Colin Brown, OT/Missouri
49. Tarrion Adams, RB/Tulsa
50. Cornelius Lewis, OL/Tennessee St
51. Louis Ellis, DT/Shaw
52. Tony Carter, CB/FSU
53. Nick Moore, WR/Toledo
54. David Richmond, WR/San Jose St
55. Sean Glennon, QB/Virginia Tech
56. Moton Hopkins III, DE/Tulsa
57. Jamarca Sanford, SS/Ole Miss
58. Anthony Kimble, RB/Stanford
59. Garrett Reynolds, OT/North Carolina
60. Demonte Bolden, DT/Tennessee
61. Dahna Deleston, SS/LB/Connecticut
62. Chase Holbrook, QB/NMSU
63. Conredge Collins, FB/Pittsburgh
64. Julius Williams, DE/Connecticut
65. Drew Willy, QB/Buffalo
66. Danny Gorrer, CB/Texas A&M
67. William Middleton, CB/Furman
68. John Matthews, WR/San Diego
69. Richard Ohrnberger, OG/Penn St
70. Joel Bell, OT/Furman
71. Jovan Belcher, DE/LB/Maine
72. Brit Miller, ILB/Illinois
73. Andy Schantz, LB/Portland St
74. Will Johnson, DT/Michigan
75. Mike Teel, QB/Rutgers

Here are some guys who hurt themselves (not in order):
Michael Reed, WR/BYU: Isn't a quick twitch athlete, failed to hang on to several passes
Kevin Akins, OLB/SS/Boston College: Missed 3 tackles that I saw, took poor angles
Stanley Bryant, OT/ECU: Beaten like a drum all day
Maurice Miller, OG/Ole Miss: Looked sluggish, late out of his stance too often
Tim Henderson, OG/Northwestern St: Bull-rushed way too easily, slow footed
Branden Ledbetter, TE/WMU: Fumbled, doesn't look fluid running
Jose Valdez, OT/Arkansas: Got dominated by Pierre Walters, inconsistent
Jaison Williams, WR/Oregon: Big and fast but had 2 drops, it was not his day

Chase Patton, QB/Missouri: You could really tell he hasn't started a game since H.S, looked very uncomfortable and didn't show me anything
Cyril Obiozor, DE/Texas A&M: Wasn't noticeable and got pushed back in the run game.
Curtis Painter, QB/Purdue: Didn't display the accuracy or arm strength to warrant a draft pick
Robert Brewster, OT/Ball St: He's known for having good feet but was beaten badly to the outside several times

I didn't really notice any of these players, good or bad. I saw some of them but they didn't stand out. Some of them may have not played due to injury:
Marcus Mailei, FB/Weber St
Michael Jones, WR/Arizona St
Dominique Edison, WR/SFA
Jeremy Davis, OL/NW Missouri St
Cornelius Lewis, OL/Tennessee St
Michael Reed, LB/Central Oklahoma
Cody Glenn, OLB/Nebraska
Tyrrell Herbert, S/Toledo
Marcus McClinton, S/Kentucky
Chauncey Calhoun, S/WR/Valley City St
Branden Ore, RB/West Liberty St
Jamall Lee, RB/Bishop's (Canada)
Jamarko Simmons, WR/WMU
Chris Vaughn, WR/Louisville
Alex Fletcher, C/Stanford
T.J. Lang, OL/EMU
Nick Hennessey, OG/Colgate
Andrew Hartline, OT/CMU
Michael Brown, OL/Mississippi St
Kirston Pittman, DE/LSU
Maurice Crum, ILB/Notre Dame
Jason McCourty, CB/Rutgers
Joe Burnett, CB/UCF
Mark Parson, CB/Ohio
Anthony Scirrotto, SS/Penn St
Corey Small, CB/FAU
Chris Ogbonnaya, RB/Texas