Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Combine Day 4 Notes

It was the final day of the 2007 NFL Combine, and the DB's definitely did well as a group. Eight unofficially timed below 4.4, making it 16 total this year. Here are some guys that impressed me, and some that didn't:

Leon Hall of Michigan ran a 4.39, while many (including me) questioned his overall speed. This should do a lot to help his stock, especially with Darrelle Revis deciding not to work out. He also ran a 6.50 in the 3-cone drill, which was .1 faster than the next best DB. (Michael Griffin ran a 6.60)

Chris Houston was no doubt the star of the day, or I guess you could say week. He showed up and repped 225 27 times, the most out of all DB's, and one less than Joe Thomas. After that, he ran the fastest DB 40 time (4.32) and looked extremely fluid and athletic in cover drills. Add that to the praise he received from Prime Time (Deion), Mike Mayock, and Dwayne Jarrett, and I guess you could say he did pretty good.

Chinedum (Nedu) Ndukwe of Notre Dame is definitely a name to watch out for leading up to the draft. Where he really stood out, to me, was in the change of direction, cover drills. He didn't post the top times, although they were very good for a 6'2" 206lb safety (4.51 forty, 37.5"vert), but his fluidity and ball skills were very impressive.

In a week where the best of the best made themselves even better (see: Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Joe Thomas, Gaines Adams, Patrick Willis), LaRon Landry had no choice but to keep it going. He ran a 4.35 forty, then followed that by posting a 37.5" vert. This cemented his stock as the top safety in the draft, and even brings his name up as a possible Top 10 guy.

Daymeion Hughes might like to forget about this week. After some stated that his "estimated" 4.55 time by several sites was not right, Hughes proved them correct by running an unofficial 4.68. I try not to pick on anybody here, I'd rather focus on the positive performances, but it will be extremely hard for him to overcome his overall lack of athleticism. I don't know what his exact vertical jump was, but he barely got the first bar, so I'm guessing it was around 30". He had 8 ints this past season, he has great instincts and ball skills, but a lot of teams probably draw the line when corners run around 4.7. I really wish him the best, and I actually had him ahead of Leon Hall before the combine, but I'm not sure he can make it in a league where many receivers are 6'4" and run 4.5s.

Finally, if I could give a message to the Darrelle Revises and Dwayne Jarretts out there: WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Revis hurt his stock big time by not working out, and even with an impressive pro day, he'll have a very hard time regaining one of the top 2 spots from Houston and Hall. Jarrett is an interesting story, as there are some rumors floating around that he was running in the 4.7 range. He reportedly was coming in behind Sidney Rice in his workouts, and Rice ran a 4.53. With so many great WR prospects in this draft all working out, Jarrett might have just been passed up by all of them (especially Robert Meachem). Why would you take a guy with so many questions when you could take a guy like Dwayne Bowe or Sidney Rice? Jarrett was an amazing college WR, but if he doesn't run below 4.6 on USC's fast track, his stock will be dropped to that early 2nd range. I really think the NFL should force all healthy players to work out, but I guess I could see why some of the top players (Calvin, JaMarcus, A.D, etc.) sit out. I mean, what is the point of taking that risk if you're already going to be a top pick? But guys like Revis should NEVER, NEVER sit out by "own choice". I had him as the top CB and the #17 overall prospect, and if he would have came in and ran somewhere in the 4.4's, he'd still be there. But, Hall and Houston each had extremely impressive workouts, and Revis deciding not to run shows he has something to hide. If you've got nothing to hide, what's the point of not showing your stuff in front of every coach/gm/scout in the league?

Monday, February 26, 2007

Combine Day 3 Notes

Once again, some of the top players helped themselves. Gaines Adams, who I currently have as the #3 prospect overall, ran a 4.64, the fastest time of all DLs. That should only help his stock, as it shows his potential at LB, if he doesn't make it at DE.

Alan Branch, another top 10 prospect, and the consensus #1 DT, ran a 5 flat, at 6'6" 324 pounds. He also had 33 reps, tied for 3rd most among DL.

Patrick Willis, probably the consensus #1 LB and one of my favorite players, ran an unofficial 4.49, while he was estimated by many to run in the 4.6's.

Quincy Black, from New Mexico, measured in at 6'2" 240 pounds, and might even make a move to DB. He ran an unofficial 4.42, and looked extremely fluid in quickness drills. He doesn't have ideal strength for a LB, and played this season at 230 pounds. He might be best suited by losing weight and making the switch to SS.

Possible 3-4 linebackers are always a hot item as draft day nears, and this year is no exception. Here are some of the top candidates to make the switch, along with their unofficial 40 times:
Gaines Adams, Clemson: 4.64
Antwan Applewhite, SDSU: 4.73
Jacob Ford, C Arkansas: 4.65
Justin Hickman, UCLA: 4.73
Charles Johnson, Georgia: 4.81
Jay Moore, Nebraska: 4.90
Quentin Moses, Georgia: 4.82
Jarvis Moss, Florida: 4.70
Brian Robison, Texas: 4.67
Anthony Spencer, Purdue: 4.73
Abraham Wright, Colorado: 4.90

Adam Carriker, who really impressed many at the prestigious Senior Bowl, repped 225 33 times, then followed that up with a 4.90 40. They say that your Short Shuttle time should be about .40 seconds faster than your 40 time, but Carriker ran a 4.18. That's just 1 tenth of a second slower than the top WR and RB. Not bad for a 6'6" 292 pounder.

Tank Tyler of N.C. State got 42 reps of 225, just two short of tying the combine record and 8 more than this year's next best DL. (Joe Cohen, DT/Florida, got 34)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Combine Day 2 Notes

The story of the week so far has got to be the best showing why they're the best. Three of my top 4 have worked out, and all have helped themselves considerably. Calvin Johnson clocked a 4.35 today, and Adrian Peterson ran a 4.40. Joe Thomas worked out yesterday and looked like the biggest, most athletic OL out there. He also ran a 4.92. Hopefully all these big names running isn't just a fluke. If you've got nothing to hide, why would you not show your stuff in front of every scout/GM/coach in the NFL?

Wide receivers ran some great times overall, and a couple lesser known players (Laurent Robinson, Jonathan Holland, Yamon Figurs, Mike Walker) all helped themselves out a lot. Figurs ran a 4.3 flat, the fastest time yet, which should sneak him into the 1st day as a KR/slot WR. Holland looked very smooth, athletic and showed good hands. Mike Walker, a former DB, and Laurent Robinson each ran sub-4.4's. All three of those players should get looks later on day 2.

Brian Leonard has said all along that he wants to play RB in the NFL, and he definitely got closer to that goal today. He helped himself at the Senior Bowl, and then ran a 4.5 today. He also posted 28 reps of 225, exactly as many as Joe Thomas.

Jared Zabransky ran a pair of times around 4.5, then tied the fastest time posted by WRs and RBs, at 4.08 in the short shuttle. Teams will likely take a look at him as a WR, but I think he has the tools to play quarterback in the NFL.

It was not a very good day overall for college QB's trying to make position changes. Syvelle Newton, who played some WR and DB at South Carolina, ran an unofficial 4.68, and didn't show natural hands in the gauntlet drill. Reggie Ball ran a couple of times around 4.8, and didn't look real smooth in other drills, either. Paul Thompson, who I have listed as a WR, worked out with the quarterbacks, ran a 4.67. That won't help his chances of playing WR, but he looked pretty good in passing drills and may get a late round look as a developmental type of QB, especially with this year's lack of 3rd-tier QB's.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Highlight Videos

I know that these videos are not used for scouting or anything like that, but hey, they're fun to watch. So, here they are:

Calvin Johnson, WR/Georgia Tech

Adrian Peterson, RB/Oklahoma

Brady Quinn, QB/Notre Dame

JaMarcus Russell, QB/LSU

Marshawn Lynch, RB/Cal

Dwayne Jarrett, WR/USC

Ted Ginn Jr, WR/Ohio St

Sidney Rice, WR/South Carolina

Patrick Willis, LB/Ole Miss

LaRon Landry, S/LSU

Reggie Nelson, S/Florida

Aaron Ross, CB/Texas

Michael Griffin, S/Texas

Combine Day 1 Notes

Greg Olsen shocked most everybody, including himself, by running a pair of sub-4.5 40 times. I’ve had Zach Miller ahead of him all along, but this just moved him ahead by a mile. It also helped him that Miller ran around a 4.8. Miller is a better blocker right now, and had a little more productive of a college career, but Olsen has far superior athletic skills. Coming into the combine, I thought they were nearly equal athletically, (most draft sites estimated both running in the 4.7 range), so I had Miller ranked #1 because of his blocking ability. Olsen has undoubtedly launched his draft status into the mid to late 1st round area, while Miller’s first round chances have definitely takes a shot. This is a prime example of how the combine can help or hurt players that look pretty even on tape.

Some other notes from the OL, TE workouts:

Tony Ugoh looked very athletic, registering a 9’9” Broad Jump (9’2” was last year’s #1 for an OL), after pulling a quad. The doctors told him to take it easy for the day, but he tried it anyways. This shows great toughness, as well as overall athletic ability. Earlier today he ran a 40 in around 5 flat, while many draft sites estimated he’d run closer to a 5.4. He also has extremely long arms (36”).

Small school players have definitely had a great day overall. Allen Barbre, an OG/OT from Missouri Southern State, ran a 4.84, one of the fastest times for an O-Lineman in a long time. Michael Allan, a TE from D3 Whitworth College, ran a 4.67, which is not bad considering it was second among tight ends only to Greg Olsen’s 4.45.

Joe Thomas and Ryan Kalil both decided to do the full workout at the combine. I projected them both in the 1st round, with Thomas at #4 overall and Kalil at #26, and they did nothing but help themselves here. Both ran sub-5 second 40’s, and Thomas did 28 reps of 225, while Kalil got 34. I’m a strong believer that the NFL should FORCE healthy players to work out at the combine. It’s becoming very popular for top prospects to wait until their pro day, where they’ll have had more time to prepare and possibly a faster surface to run on. This is not right, and if I were a GM or coach, I’d put an asterisk by those kinds of players.

Here are today's official numbers, from

OL Bench Presses (225lbs)
Justin Blalock, OG/Texas: 40
Manuel Ramirez, OG/Texas Tech: 40
Nathan Bennett, OG/Clemson: 34
Dustin Fry, C/Clemson: 34
Brandon Frye, OT/Virginia Tech: 34
Cameron Stephenson, OG/Rutgers: 34
Enoka Lucas, C/Oregon: 34
Kasey Studdard, OG/Texas: 32
Tony Ugoh, OT/Arkansas: 32
Levi Brown, OT/Penn St: 31
Doug Datish, C/Ohio St: 31
Stephon Heyer, OT/Maryland: 30
Ben Grubbs, OG/Auburn: 29
Leroy Harris, C/N.C. St: 29
Allen Barbre, OG/OT/Missouri S St: 28
Corey Hilliard, OG/OT/Oklahoma St: 28
Dan Mozes, C/West Virginia: 28
Ken Shackleford, OT/Georgia: 28
Joe Thomas, OT/Wisconsin: 28
Mike Jones, OG/Iowa: 28
Mansfield Wrotto, OG/Georgia Tech: 27
Joe Staley, OT/C Michigan: 27
Drew Mormino, C/C Michigan: 27
Andy Alleman, OG/Akron: 27
Herbert Taylor, OT/TCU: 26
Samson Satele, C/Hawaii: 25
Josh Beekman, OG/Boston College: 24
Uche Nwaneri, OG/Purdue: 24
Elliot Vallejo, OT/Cal-Davis: 24
Dan Santucci, OG/Notre Dame: 23
Andrew Carnahan, OT/Arizona St: 22
Mark Fenton, C/Colorado: 22
Doug Free, OT/Northern Illinois: 22
Gabe Hall, OT/Texas Tech: 22
Ryan Harris, OT/Notre Dame: 22
Palauni Ma Sun, OG/Oregon: 22
Chris Denman, OT/Fresno St: 21
Arron Sears, OG/Tennessee: 21
Scott Stephenson, C/Iowa St: 21
Tim Duckworth, OG/Auburn: 20
Mario Henderson, OT/Florida St: 20
Adam Koets, OT/Oregon St: 20
Mike Otto, OT/Purdue: 20
Stephen Berg, OG/Arizona St: 19

OL Top 40 Times
Allen Barbre, OG/OT/Missouri S St: 4.84
Gabe Hall, OT/Texas Tech: 4.91
Joe Thomas, OT/Wisconsin: 4.92
Ryan Kalil, C/USC: 4.96
Tony Ugoh, OT/Arkansas: 5.06
Andy Alleman, OG/Akron: 5.07
Brandon Frye, OG/Virginia Tech: 5.08
James Marten, OT/Boston College: 5.08
Adam Koets, OT/Oregon St: 5.08
Ryan Harris, OT/Notre Dame: 5.09
Justin Blalock, OG/Texas: 5.10
Mario Henderson, OT/Florida St: 5.11
Doug Datish, C/Ohio St: 5.13
Kasey Studdard, OG/Texas: 5.18
Herbert Taylor, OT/TCU: 5.19

OL 20 yard shuttle
Samson Satele, C/Hawaii: 4.29
Ryan Kalil, C/USC: 4.34
Adam Koets, OT/Oregon St: 4.47
Ryan Harris, OT/Notre Dame: 4.52
Drew Mormino, C/C Michigan: 4.53
James Marten, OT/Boston College: 4.54
Scott Stephenson, C/Iowa St: 4.57

OL 3-Cone Drill
Adam Koets, OT/Oregon St: 7.44
Corey Hilliard, OG/OT/Oklahoma St: 7.45
Dan Santucci, OG/Notre Dame: 7.47
Samson Satele, C/Hawaii: 7.47
Drew Mormino, C/C Michigan: 7.48
Ryan Kalil, C/USC: 7.50
Mike Jones, OG/Iowa: 7.50
Gabe Hall, OT/Texas Tech: 7.59
Mario Henderson, OT/Florida St: 7.60
Mike Otto, OT/Purdue: 7.62

OL Broad Jump
Tony Ugoh, OT/Arkansas: 9’9”
Doug Free, OT/Northern Illinois: 9’3”
Joe Thomas, OT/Wisconsin: 9’2”
Mario Henderson, OT/Florida St: 9’1”
Andy Alleman, OG/Akron: 8’10”
Corey Hilliard, OG/OT/Oklahoma St: 8’10”
Adam Koets, OT/Oregon St: 8’10”
Drew Mormino, C/C Michigan: 8’9”
Mike Otto, OT/Purdue: 8’9”
Allen Barbre, OG/OT/Missouri S St: 8’9”
Gabe Hall, OT/Texas Tech: 8’8”
Ryan Kalil, C/USC: 8’8”
Enoka Lucas, C/Oregon St: 8’8”
Brandon Frye, OT/Virginia Tech: 8’7”
Doug Datish, C/Ohio St: 8’6”

OL Vertical Jump
Samson Satele, C/Hawaii: 33.5”
Joe Thomas, OT/Wisconsin: 33”
Tony Ugoh, OT/Arkansas: 32.5”
Brandon Frye, OT/Virginia Tech: 32.5”
Allen Barbre, OG/OT/Missouri S St: 32”
Adam Koets, OT/Oregon St: 32”
James Marten, OT/Boston College: 30.5”
Andy Alleman, OG/Akron: 30”
Doug Free, OT/Northern Illinois: 30”
Scott Stephenson, C/Iowa St: 29.5”
Dan Santucci, OG/Notre Dame: 29”
Gabe Hall, OT/Texas Tech: 29”
Justin Blalock, OG/Texas: 28.5”

TE Bench Presses (225lbs)
Daniel Coats, BYU: 34
Derek Schouman, Boise St: 27
Greg Olsen, Miami: 23
Clark Harris, Rutgers: 21
Gijon Robinson, Missouri W St: 21
Joe Newton, Oregon St: 20
Dante Rosario, Oregon: 20
Michael Allan, Whitworth: 19
Martrez Milner, Georgia: 19
Scott Chandler, Iowa: 16
Chad Upshaw, Buffalo: 16
Anthony Pudewell, Nevada: 15
Jonny Harline, BYU: 15

TE Top 40 Times
Greg Olsen, Miami: 4.51
Michael Allan, Whitworth: 4.71
Gijon Robinson, Missouri W St: 4.71
Ben Patrick, Delaware: 4.74
Derek Schouman, Boise St: 4.74
Dante Rosario, Oregon: 4.76
Kevin Boss, W Oregon: 4.78
Scott Chandler, Iowa: 4.78

TE 20 yard shuttle
Derek Schouman, Boise St: 4.27
Ben Patrick, Delaware: 4.31
Scott Chandler, Iowa: 4.32
Clark Harris, Rutgers: 4.40
Anthony Pudewell, Nevada: 4.41
Kevin Boss, W Oregon: 4.41

TE 3-Cone Drill
Kevin Boss, W Oregon: 6.96
Dante Rosario, Oregon: 6.96
Derek Schouman, Boise St: 7.00
Zach Miller, Arizona St: 7.01
Greg Olsen, Miami: 7.04
Jonny Harline, BYU: 7.05
Daniel Coats, BYU: 7.07
Ben Patrick, Delaware: 7.21
Gijon Robinson, Missouri W St: 7.23
Chad Upshaw, Buffalo: 7..23

TE Broad Jump
Michael Allan, Whitworth: 10’3”
Derek Schouman, Boise St: 10’2”
Martrez Milner, Georgia: 9’9”
Gijon Robinson, Missouri W St: 9’8”
Kevin Boss, W Oregon: 9’8”
Dante Rosario, Oregon: 9’7”
Zach Miller, Arizona St: 9’7”
Greg Olsen, Miami: 9’6”
Clark Harris, Rutgers: 9’4”
Ben Patrick, Delaware: 9’3”

TE Vertical Jump
Derek Schouman, Boise St: 37.5”
Michael Allan, Whitworth: 36”
Dante Rosario, Oregon: 36”
Greg Olsen, Miami: 35.5”
Kevin Boss, W Oregon: 35”

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Positional Rankings

Here is every player invited to the combine (other than K's, P's, and LS's), ranked by position. Projected Round is in parentheses:

1. Brady Quinn, Notre Dame (1)
2. JaMarcus Russell*, LSU (1)
3. Drew Stanton, Michigan St (2)
4. Kevin Kolb, Houston (3)
5. Trent Edwards, Stanford (3)
6. Troy Smith, Ohio St (3)
7. Jordan Palmer, UTEP (4)
8. Jeff Rowe, Nevada (4)
9. Jared Zabransky, Boise St (5)
10. John Beck, BYU (5)
11. Tyler Palko, Pittsburgh (6)
12. Chris Leak, Florida (6)
13. Isaiah Stanback, Washington (7-FA)
14. Zac Taylor, Nebraska (7-FA)
15. Toby Korrodi, C Missouri St (7-FA)
16. Luke Getsy, Akron (7-FA)
17. Josh Swogger, Montana (FA)
18. John Stocco, Wisconsin (FA)
19. Matt Gutierrez, Idaho St (FA)
20. James Pinkney, ECU (FA)

Running Backs
1. Adrian Peterson*, Oklahoma (1)
2. Marshawn Lynch*, California (1)
3. Brian Leonard, Rutgers (2)
4. Michael Bush*, Louisville (2)
5. Tony Hunt, Penn St (2)
6. Kenny Irons, Auburn (2)
7. Brandon Jackson*, Nebraska (3)
8. Lorenzo Booker, Florida St (3)
9. Antonio Pittman*, Ohio St (3)
10. Jon Cornish, Kansas (4)
11. Dwayne Wright*, Fresno St (4)
12. Kolby Smith, Louisville (4)
13. Kenneth Darby, Alabama (4)
14. Chris Henry*, Arizona (5)
15. Ronnie McGill, North Carolina (5)
16. Thomas Clayton, Kansas St (5)
17. Garrett Wolfe, Northern Illinois (5)
18. Alonzo Coleman, Hampton (6-7)
19. DeShawn Wynn, Florida (6-7)
20. Nate Ilaoa, Hawaii (6-7)
21. Tyrone Moss, Miami (7-FA)
22. Ramonce Taylor*, Texas (7-FA)
23. Gary Russell*, Minnesota (7-FA)
24. Danny Ware*, Georgia (FA)
25. Ahmad Bradshaw*, Marshall (FA)
26. Selvin Young, Texas (FA)
27. Eldra Buckley, Chattanooga (FA)

1. Le'Ron McClain, Alabama (4)
2. Cory Anderson, Tennessee (5)
3. Jason Snelling, Virginia (5)
4. Gijon Robinson, Missouri W St (6-7)
5. Deon Anderson, UCONN (7-FA)
6. Derek Schouman, Boise St (7-FA)
7. Dante Rosario, Oregon (FA)

Tight Ends
1. Zach Miller*, Arizona St (2)
2. Greg Olsen*, Miami (2)
3. Ben Patrick, Delaware (3)
4. Scott Chandler, Iowa (4)
5. Matt Spaeth, Minnesota (4)
6. Joe Newton, Oregon St (4)
7. Martrez Milner, Georgia (5)
8. Jonny Harline, BYU (5)
9. Michael Allan, Whitworth (6)
10. Clark Harris, Rutgers (6)
11. Kevin Boss, W Oregon (7-FA)
12. Anthony Pudewell, Nevada (7-FA)
13. Daniel Coats, BYU (7-FA)

Wide Receivers
1. Calvin Johnson*, Georgia Tech (1)
2. Dwayne Jarrett*, USC (1)
3. Ted Ginn Jr*, Ohio St (1)
4. Dwayne Bowe, LSU (1)
5. Sidney Rice*, South Carolina (1)
6. Robert Meachem*, Tennessee (1)
7. Anthony Gonzalez*, Ohio St (2)
8. Jason Hill, Washington St (2)
9. Aundrae Allison, ECU (2)
10. Craig Davis, LSU (3)
11. Johnnie Lee Higgins, UTEP (3)
12. Joel Filani, Texas Tech (3)
13. Steve Smith, USC (3)
14. Paul Williams, Fresno St (3)
15. Dallas Baker, Florida (4)
16. Jacoby Jones, Lane (4)
17. Chansi Stuckey, Clemson (4)
18. David Ball, New Hampshire (4)
19. David Clowney, Virginia Tech (5)
20. Rhema McKnight, Notre Dame (5)
21. Courtney Taylor, Auburn (5)
22. Yamon Figurs, Kansas St (5)
23. Jarrett Hicks, Texas Tech (6)
24. Ryan Moore, Miami (6)
25. Steve Breaston, Michigan (6)
26. Laurent Robinson, Illinois St (6)
27. Mike Walker, UCF (7-FA)
28. Chris Davis, Florida St (7-FA)
29. Matt Trannon, Michigan St (7-FA)
30. Ryne Robinson, Miami (OH) (7-FA)
31. Aaron Fairooz, C Arkansas (7-FA)
32. Legedu Naanee, Boise St (7-FA)
33. Paul Thompson, Oklahoma (7-FA)
34. Syvelle Newton, South Carolina (7-FA)
35. Syndric Steptoe, Arizona (7-FA)
36. Jordan Kent, Oregon (7-FA)
37. Bret Smith, Tennessee (7-FA)
38. D'Juan Woods, Oklahoma St (FA)
39. Jerard Rabb, Boise St (FA)
40. Johnathan Holland, La Tech (FA)
41. Jemalle Cornelius, Florida (FA)
42. Jayson Swain, Tennessee (FA)
43. Mike Mason, Tennessee St (FA)
44. Drisan James, Boise St (FA)
45. Marquay McDaniel, Hampton (FA)
46. James Jones, San Jose St (FA)
47. Onrea Jones, Hampton (FA)
48. Chandler Williams, Fla Int'l (FA)
49. Reggie Ball, Georgia Tech (FA)

1. Ryan Kalil, USC (1)
2. Samson Satele, Hawaii (2)
3. Doug Datish, Ohio St (4)
4. Leroy Harris, N.C. State (5)
5. Dan Mozes, West Virginia (5)
6. Enoka Lucas, Oregon (6)
7. Dustin Fry, Clemson (7-FA)
8. Mark Fenton, Colorado (7-FA)
9. Scott Stephenson, Iowa St (FA)
10. Drew Mormino, Central Mich (FA)

Offensive Tackles
1. Joe Thomas, Wisconsin (1)
2. Levi Brown, Penn St (1)
3. Tony Ugoh, Arkansas (1)
4. Joe Staley, Central Mich (2)
5. Mario Henderson, Florida St (2)
6. Ryan Harris, Notre Dame (2)
7. Marshall Yanda, Iowa (2)
8. Doug Free, Northern Illinois (3)
9. James Marten, Boston College (3)
10. Mike Otto, Purdue (3)
11. Chase Johnson, Wyoming (4)
12. Brandon Frye, Virginia Tech (4)
13. Alen Barbre, Missouri S St (4)
14. Chris Denman, Fresno St (5)
15. Herb Taylor, TCU (5)
16. Andrew Carnahan, Arizona St (6)
17. Corey Hilliard, Oklahoma St (6)
18. Stephon Heyer, Maryland (7-FA)
19. Gabe Hall*, Texas Tech (7-FA)
20. Elliot Vallejo, Cal-Davis (7-FA)
21. Tala Esera, Hawaii (7-FA)
22. Adam Koets, Oregon St (7-FA)
23. Julius Wilson, UAB (FA)
24. Ken Shackleford, Georgia (FA)
25. Dane Uperesa, Hawaii (FA)

Offensive Guards
1. Arron Sears, Tennessee (2)
2. Ben Grubbs, Auburn (2)
3. Justin Blalock, Texas (2)
4. Josh Beekman, Boston College (3)
5. Manuel Ramirez, Texas Tech (3)
6. Andy Alleman, Akron (4)
7. Mansfield Wrotto, Georgia Tech (4)
8. Tim Duckworth, Auburn (4)
9. Mike Jones, Iowa (5)
10. Kasey Studdard, Texas (6)
11. Nathan Bennett, Clemson (6)
12. Uche Nwaneri, Purdue (7-FA)
13. Dan Santucci, Notre Dame (7-FA)
14. Palauni Ma Sun, Oregon (FA)
15. Stephen Berg, Arizona St (FA)
16. Cam Stephenson, Rutgers (FA)

Defensive Ends
1. Gaines Adams, Clemson (1)
2. Adam Carriker, Nebraska (1)
3. Jamaal Anderson*, Arkansas (1)
4. LaMarr Woodley, Michigan (1)
5. Quentin Moses, Georgia (1)
6. Jarvis Moss*, Florida (2)
7. Charles Johnson*, Georgia (2)
8. Victor Abiamiri, Notre Dame (2)
9. Ikaika Alama-Francis, Hawaii (2)
10. Tim Crowder, Texas (3)
11. Anthony Spencer, Purdue (3)
12. Dan Bazuin, Central Mich (3)
13. Brian Robison, Texas (4)
14. Baraka Atkins, Miami (4)
15. Jay Richardson, Ohio St (4)
16. Jay Moore, Nebraska (4)
17. Ray McDonald, Florida (5)
18. Mkristo Bruce, Washington St (5)
19. Justin Hickman, UCLA (6)
20. Chase Pittman, LSU (6)
21. C.J. Ah You, Oklahoma (7-FA)
22. Jacob Ford, Central Arkansas (7-FA)
23. Xzavie Jackson, Missouri (7-FA)
24. Larry Birdine, Oklahoma (7-FA)
25. Abraham Wright, Colorado (FA)
26. Victor DeGrate, Oklahoma St (FA)
27. Antwan Applewhite*, San Diego St (FA)
28. Nolan Burchette, Virginia Tech (FA)

Defensive Tackles
1. Alan Branch*, Michigan (1)
2. Amobi Okoye, Louisville (1)
3. Justin Harrell, Tennessee (2)
4. Kareem Brown, Miami (2)
5. Quinn Pitcock, Ohio St (3)
6. Brandon Mebane, Cal (3)
7. Tank Tyler, N.C. State (3)
8. Antonio Johnson, Mississippi St (4)
9. Ryan McBean, Oklahoma St (4)
10. Turk McBride, Tennessee (4)
11. Jay Alford, Penn St (5)
12. Paul Soliai, Utah (5)
13. Marcus Thomas, Florida (5)
14. Clifton Ryan, Michigan St (6)
15. David Patterson, Ohio St (7-FA)
16. Jeremy Clark, Alabama (7-FA)
17. Derek Landri, Notre Dame (7-FA)
18. Quintin Echols, Kansas St (7-FA)
19. Matt Toeaina, Oregon (7-FA)
20. Joe Cohen, Florida (7-FA)
21. Larry Brown, Oklahoma St (FA)
22. Keith Jackson, Arkansas (FA)

Middle Linebackers
1. Patrick Willis, Ole Miss (1)
2. David Harris, Michigan (2)
3. Buster Davis, Florida St (2)
4. Brandon Siler*, Florida (3)
5. H.B. Blades, Pittsburgh (3)
6. Jon Abbate*, Wake Forest (4)
7. Zak DeOssie, Brown (4)
8. Justin Durant, Hampton (5)
9. Anthony Waters, Clemson (5)
10. Desmond Bishop, Cal (6)
11. Kelvin Smith, Syracuse (6)
12. Justin Warren, Texas A&M (6)
13. Michael Okwo, Stanford (7-FA)
14. Marvin Mitchell, Tennessee (7-FA)
15. Zach Latimer, Oklahoma (7-FA)
16. Blair Phillips, Oregon (FA)

Outside Linebackers
1. Paul Posluszny, Penn St (1)
2. Lawrence Timmons*, Florida St (1)
3. Jon Beason*, Miami (1)
4. Rufus Alexander, Oklahoma (2)
5. Earl Everett, Florida (2)
6. Stewart Bradley, Nebraska (3)
7. Tony Taylor, Georgia (4)
8. Prescott Burgess, Michigan (4)
9. Stephen Nicholas, UCF (4)
10. Quincy Black, New Mexico (5)
11. Rory Johnson*, Ole Miss (5)
12. Juwan Simpson, Alabama (5)
13. Quinton Culberson, Mississippi St (6)
14. Tim Shaw, Penn St (6)
15. Nate Harris, Louisville (7-FA)
16. KaMichael Hall, Georgia Tech (7-FA)
17. Antwan Barnes, Fla Int'l (7-FA)
18. Dallas Sartz, USC (FA)
19. Sam Olajubutu, Arkansas (FA)

1. Darrelle Revis*, Pittsburgh (1)
2. Chris Houston*, Arkansas (1)
3. Daymeion Hughes, Cal (2)
4. Leon Hall, Michigan (2)
5. Aaron Ross, Texas (2)
6. Marcus McCauley, Fresno St (2)
7. Fred Bennett, South Carolina (3)
8. Travarous Bain, Hampton (3)
9. Jonathan Wade, Tennessee (3)
10. Josh Wilson, Maryland (3)
11. Eric Wright*, UNLV (3)
12. David Irons, Auburn (4)
13. C.J. Gaddis*, Clemson (4)
14. Michael Coe, Alabama St (4)
15. A.J. Davis, N.C. State (4)
16. C.J. Wilson, Baylor (5)
17. Tarell Brown, Texas (5)
18. DeAndre Jackson, Iowa St (6)
19. Ryan Smith*, Florida (6)
20. Brandon McDonald, Memphis (6)
21. Reggie Lewis, Florida (6)
22. Kenny Scott, Georgia Tech (6)
23. Anthony Arline, Baylor (7-FA)
24. Chaz Williams, La-Monroe (7-FA)
25. Corey Graham, New Hampshire (7-FA)
26. Bo Smith, Weber St (7-FA)
27. Duane Coleman, Clemson (FA)
28. Trumaine McBride, Ole Miss (FA)
29. Tyron Brackenridge, Washington St (FA)

1. LaRon Landry, LSU (1)
2. Reggie Nelson*, Florida (1)
3. Michael Griffin, Texas (1)
4. Brandon Meriweather, Miami (2)
5. Eric Weddle, Utah (2)
6. Aaron Rouse, Virginia Tech (3)
7. Sabby Piscitelli, Oregon St (3)
8. John Wendling, Wyoming (3)
9. Michael Johnson, Arizona (5)
10. Tanard Jackson, Syracuse (5)
11. Daren Stone, Maine (5)
12. Josh Gattis, Wake Forest (6)
13. Leonard Peters, Hawaii (6)
14. Kevin Payne, La-Monroe (6)
15. Zach Catanese, Arizona St (6)
16. Brandon Harrison, Stanford (6)
17. Eric Frampton, Washington St (7-FA)
18. Chad Nkang, Elon (7-FA)
19. J.D. Nelson, Oregon (7-FA)
20. Chinedum Ndukwe, Notre Dame (7-FA)
21. DaShon Goldson, Washington (7-FA)
22. Marvin White, TCU (7-FA)
23. Marcus Paschal, Iowa (7-FA)
24. Gerald Alexander, Boise St (FA)
25. Craig Dahl, North Dakota St (FA)
26. Jesse Daniels, LSU (FA)
27. Brandon Sharp, Louisville (FA)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Top Sleepers

Here are some of the top "sleepers" in this year's draft. I define a "sleeper" as a player that is very underrated, and go unnoticed by many fans and draft gurus.

1. Nello Faulk, OT/Fla Atlantic (6-7 270)-Has the feet, frame, and smarts to be a top LT. Didn’t miss a game in 4 years at FAU, held Gaines Adams to 3 tackles and 0 sacks against Clemson this year. If he can add weight/strength and keep his athleticism, he will play in the NFL.

2. Steve Baylark, RB/UMass (5-11 220) Extremely productive. He's mainly a North-South, between the tackles runner but has enough speed to break loose. Has prototypical size and strength. Very powerful, tough to bring down. His main weakness is his reportedly average timed speed, but that could change after his pro day.

3. Mickey Pimentel, OLB/Cal (6-2 230)-A playmaker, shows excellent range and instincts getting from sideline to sideline. He has the size and speed to be a top special teamer. Why he didn’t start full time at Cal is a mystery to me.

4. T.J. Downing, OG/Ohio St (6-3 310)-Versatile technician, can play pretty much anywhere on the line and play well. Gets good hand placement, rarely loses one on one battles. Very experienced, and it shows. Not the biggest, strongest, or fastest guy around, but gets the job done consistently.

5. Biren Ealy, WR/Houston (6-2 205)-He was a top recruit coming out of high school, but never lived up to his potential at Arizona, and eventually transferred to Houston. Didn’t disappoint, but didn’t put up great numbers (had 6 TD’s this past season). Has deceptive speed for a guy his size, catches the ball away from his body. The tools are definitely all there.

6. Ab Kuuan, RB/Grambling St (5-10 230)-Didn’t put up the numbers many expected during his senior season. Has excellent size/strength, runs low to the ground and with a lot of power. Lacks top-notch speed, but has the look of a possible goal line specialist. Excellent lower body strength and breaks through arm tackles.
Here’s a highlight video of his career at Grambling:

7. Frank Wiwo, CB/Miami (OH) (6-3 180) Looked like he had a very bright future early in his career, but playing time decreased as a junior. Returned to the starting lineup as a senior, and didn't disappoint. Excellent size for a CB, but can also play safety. Needs to put on some weight, strength, but has a lot of potential.

For more of my "sleeper picks", go to the archived articles and check out my All-Sleeper Team.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Top 50

Here are my recently updated top 50 overall players, with in-depth scouting reports on the top 25. Short analysis on each player ranked from 26-50 is also provided. Sorry it took such a long time, but if it didn’t, it wouldn’t even be any good. Heights, weights, and 40 times are estimated. Remember, this is how good I feel these players will end up being in the NFL, not where I think they'll be picked. Official measurements/times will be posted after the NFL Combine:

1. Calvin Johnson*, WR/Georgia Tech (6-5 230 4.50)
Positives: His physical talent is second to none. Makes some of the most amazing catches I’ve ever seen. Wins a ton of jump balls, excellent size and leaping ability. Great run-after-catch.
Negatives: Makes amazing catches, but occasionally drops easy ones. Disappeared in some big games this year (Georgia, Wake Forest), but that was mainly because of Reggie Ball’s erratic play.
NFL Comparison: Larry Fitzgerald

2. Adrian Peterson*, RB/Oklahoma (6-2 215 4.40)
Positives: Runs so hard and so fast, no one wants to get in his way. Has an excellent combination of size/speed/power. He was very productive at the college level. More of a North-South runner but shows great moves when he has to.
Negatives: Has had some pretty big injury problems. Only played one full, healthy season in college. May have to change up his running style to stay healthy in the NFL, and there’s no telling how that may impact his career.
NFL Comparison: A smaller Steven Jackson

3. Gaines Adams, DE/Clemson (6-5 260 4.70)
Positives: Very talented pass rusher, excellent quickness/explosiveness. Great athlete for his size, and has the frame to add weight. Fluid in space, solid cover skills make a move to OLB possible.
Negatives: Doesn’t hold up very well when ran at. Needs to add weight to play DE in the NFL. Should get in the weight room and add overall strength. Sometimes plays too high.
NFL Comparison: Jevon Kearse

4. Joe Thomas, OT/Wisconsin (6-8 315 4.90)
Positives: He has excellent feet and blocks downfield like a TE. (He is a former TE) Very polished pass blocker, prototype LT in the NFL. Has a big frame with room to grow and long arms.
Negatives: Some say he lacks a mean streak, but I think he’ll be fine. Had a major knee injury in ’05, but appears to be over it. Not a great drive blocker in the running game, average overall strength.
NFL Comparison: John Tait

5. Brady Quinn, QB/Notre Dame (6-4 230 4.70)
Positives: He’s the prototype pocket passer. Has great size and overall athleticism. Productive in college, has the arm to make all the throws. Improved tremendously when Charlie Weis came in with the pro-style offense.
Negatives: Wasn’t a very clutch player over his career. Accuracy comes and goes, a little inconsistent. Had a bit of a disappointing senior season.
NFL Comparison: A better David Carr

6. JaMarcus Russell*, QB/LSU (6-6 260 4.80)
Positives: Huge, has a huge arm (can throw it around 80 yards), and had a very good junior year. Has as much potential as anyone in this class, surprising athletic ability for someone his size.
Negatives: Decision-making is questionable at times and his accuracy is spotty. He’s a little bit of a streaky player, which is definitely not what you want in a QB. Leadership ability, intelligence have been scrutinized.
NFL Comparison: Daunte Culpepper

7. Alan Branch*, DT/Michigan (6-6 330 5.30)
Positives: Commands double teams regularly, extremely hard to move. Surprising athleticism for someone his size, was an RB in high school. Prototype NFL nose tackle, takes up a ton of space.
Negatives: Not the quickest guy, average as a pass rusher. Sometimes gets worn down and plays lazy later in games. Technique could improve.
NFL Comparison: Albert Haynesworth

8. Patrick Willis, MLB/Ole Miss (6-2 235 4.65)
Positives: Very productive over his career. He’s probably the toughest player in college football. Has unbelievable instincts, surprising strength for his size, and very good athleticism.
Negatives: Might need to get a little bigger. Not real fluid in coverage, could improve in that area. Has had some injuries in college, but played through most of them.
NFL Comparison: the old Takeo Spikes

9. Adam Carriker, DE/Nebraska (6-6 290 4.80)
Positives: Has excellent size/athleticism for the DE position. Could even shift inside to DT if he had to. He possesses enough speed to get to the QB on outside, speed rushes, and enough strength to bull rush.
Negatives: Had a little bit of an off senior year, doesn’t have great explosiveness or quickness. A little inconsistent, plays too high at times.
NFL Comparison: Trevor Pryce

10. Jamaal Anderson*, DE/Arkansas (6-6 275 4.85)
Positives: He possesses ideal size, strength, and athleticism for the DE position. Productive pass rusher this past season, has excellent potential.
Negatives: He doesn’t play with great leverage or technique, inconsistent. Still raw, can be overpowered occasionally.
NFL Comparison: Poor man’s Mario Williams

11. Marshawn Lynch*, RB/California (5-11 215 4.45)
Positives: Great moves, balance. Very rarely brought down by one guy. Runs low to the ground, has a good size/speed combination. Has been very productive, a playmaker.
Negatives: He’s somewhat inconsistent. Sometimes tries to do too much and ends up losing yardage while looking for the big play. Not a great pass blocker. Had some legal concerns recently, but those seem to have cleared up.
NFL Comparison: Clinton Portis

12. Dwayne Jarrett*, WR/USC (6-5 215 4.55)
Positives: He’s a tall, lanky red-zone threat and knows how to shield defenders with his body. Wins a ton of jump balls, has a knack for making spectacular plays in big games.
Negatives: Had some injury problems this past year, needs to add a little strength. Not real quick off the ball, and has some questions about his attitude and work ethic.
NFL Comparison: Plaxico Burress

13. Ted Ginn Jr*, WR/KR/Ohio St (6-0 180 4.30)
Positives: Big time playmaking ability. Amazing speed, might even run under a 4.3. Excellent return man, still raw as a receiver but is improving.
Negatives: Has solid, but not great hands. Lacks overall size and strength and can be bumped at the line. Raw route runner, but his quickness often makes up for that.
NFL Comparison: Santana Moss

14. LaRon Landry, S/LSU (6-2 205 4.50)
Positives: A playmaker with very good size and instincts. He’s a smart player and a 4-year starter, a big hitter, can cover most wide receivers.
Negatives: Not real fluid hips, lacks elite timed speed. Will miss some tackles while going for the big hit.
NFL Comparison: Greg Wesley

15. Levi Brown, OT/Penn State (6-5 325 5.30)
Positives: Big, solid pass and run blocker. His physical skills can’t be denied. Has excellent size and very good feet. Uses his hands well, gets a good punch. Had a great Senior Bowl.
Negatives: Has been known to take plays off and be lazy at times during his collegiate career. Does he have the killer instinct o-linemen need? Technique can be inconsistent.
NFL Comparison: Chris Samuels

16. Amobi Okoye, DT/Louisville (6-1 315 5.10)
Positives: Has amazing strength in the weight room. He’s very hard to move, stout vs. the run. Gets a good push into the pocket. Will be a 20-year-old rookie, so his potential is limitless.
Negatives: Lacks ideal height, stamina. Still a little rough around the edges, technique could improve. Inconsistent, sometimes wears down late in games.
NFL Comparison: the old Bryant Young

17. Darrelle Revis*, CB/Pittsburgh (6-0 205 4.45)
Positives: Prototype size/speed combination. Could make an impact as a return man. Good ball skills, solid in run support. Has great potential as a shutdown corner.
Negatives: Still a little bit raw, technique needs improvement. Gets by on physical talent too often, but won’t be able to in the pros.
NFL Comparison: Nate Clements

18. Dwayne Bowe, WR/LSU (6-3 220 4.50)
Positives: Extremely built for a receiver, excellent over-the-middle, possession type guy, but also has enough speed to go deep. He has great size, a very solid downfield blocker.
Negatives: He could definitely improve his routes. Cut down on his drops this year, but doesn’t have great natural hands.
NFL Comparison: the old David Boston

19. Reggie Nelson*, S/Florida (6-0 195 4.45)
Positives: A playmaker with great range and closing speed. Good ball skills, a big hitter. His cover skills are very good, and he might even make the move to CB.
Negatives: Occasionally misses tackles while going for the big hit. Looks very skinny for an NFL SS will probably need to put on some weight to play his style in the pros.
NFL Comparison: Mike Minter

20. Paul Posluszny, OLB/Penn State (6-2 230 4.65)
Positives: Very good college player, excellent instincts. He’s a tough and has all the intangibles. A team leader, he plays with aggression.
Negatives: Not a big time athlete, he lacks elite quickness. Cover skills could improve, struggles shedding blockers. Had a major knee injury in ’05.
NFL Comparison: Lance Briggs

21. Sidney Rice*, WR/South Carolina (6-4 190 4.55)
Positives: Excellent hands, long arms, great on jump balls. Knows how to shield defenders with his body, goes up and gets it well in traffic.
Negatives: He lacks ideal quickness. Timed speed is average. Needs to add strength to beat the jam in the pros.
NFL Comparison: Michael Clayton

22. Lawrence Timmons*, OLB/Florida St (6-3 230 4.60)
Positives: Amazing athlete, will probably go even higher if he works out like expected. Has a good combination of aggression and instincts. Has a lot of potential.
Negatives: Needs to add weight, can be overpowered by bigger linemen. At times he plays out of control and overaggressive.
NFL Comparison: Marcus Washington

23. LaMarr Woodley, DE/LB/Michigan (6-2 270 4.70)
Positives: Good overall athleticism, very powerful for his size. He’s a tough team leader, and a talented pass rusher with good moves.
Negatives: Lacks ideal height and timed speed, not that freakish athlete that most teams look for in a 3-4 ‘backer. He’s not real fluid in coverage, a ‘tweener. Had poor Senior Bowl practices, then got injured, making things even worse.
NFL Comparison: David Pollack

24. Tony Ugoh, OT/Arkansas (6-5 315 5.40)
Positives: He has a rare combination of size, strength, and athleticism. Has the frame to get even bigger. Loads of potential, very powerful, has the feet to play LT.
Negatives: He’s inconsistent, might lack a killer instinct. Could be considered a gamble, only had one great season. He’s a little raw, has never really played up to his potential.
NFL Comparison: Levi Jones

25. Robert Meachem*, WR/Tennessee (6-3 215 4.45)
Positives: Excellent athlete, very good size/speed combination. Has enough strength to beat jams and run after the catch. Extremely productive junior year.
Negatives: Only had 1 solid year of production. To me, it doesn't look like he has top notch speed or quickness, but his reported 40 times are very good. Drops occasional passes, a little inconsistent.
NFL Comparison: Reggie Williams

26 Ryan Kalil, C/USC-Helped himself a ton at the Senior Bowl, strong enough to anchor, quick enough to get to the 2nd level.

27 Chris Houston*, CB/Arkansas-Cover skills, athleticism are very good, but not as polished as some other CB's in this class.

28 Rufus Alexander, OLB/Oklahoma-An undersized, active LB, athletic and solid in coverage.

29 Zach Miller*, TE/Arizona St-Solid athlete, soft hands, could be a weapon in passing game, but is also a solid blocker.

30 Michael Griffin, S/Texas-Plays very aggressive, sometimes a little too much. Very good athlete, a playmaker from sideline to sideline.

31 Jon Beason*, OLB/Miami-Undersized, but makes up for it w/aggressiveness and instincts Very fluid in coverage, I honestly think he could make a move to SS.

32 Quentin Moses, DE/Georgia-Had a terrible year, but his amazing athleticism should get him a look in round 1.

33 Greg Olsen*, TE/Miami-Runs and catches like a WR, really needs to improve his overall strength and blocking.

34 Leon Hall, CB/Michigan-Doesn't have ideal measurables, but instincts/cover skills are second to none.

35 Jarvis Moss*, DE/Florida-Long, lanky, athletic DE with great pass rushing potential, needs to put on weight. 3-4 OLB?

36 Joe Staley, OT/Central Mich-Extremely athletic, quick for an OT, but needs to get much stronger to contribute in the NFL.

37 Daymeion Hughes, CB/California-Very productive, great ball skills, instincts, but might not have the straight-line, top end speed to stay at CB.

38 Charles Johnson*, DE/Georgia-Actually outplayed Moses at times this year, but just doesn't have the overall athleticism/size to match him.

39 Michael Bush*, RB/Louisville-Huge, athletic RB with tons of potential, but missed nearly all of this year with a serious knee injury.

40 David Harris, MLB/Michigan-Solid but not spectacular player, rarely misses assignments but isn't an amazing athlete.

41 Brandon Meriweather, DB/Miami-Showed he could play some CB at the Senior Bowl, which helped him a ton. 1st round talent, but has some character questions.

42 Brian Leonard, FB/Rutgers-Versatile and talented. He'd rather play RB than FB, but is a team player and could do either one. Great size, strength, receiving skills, but might not have the athleticism to be a full time RB.

43 Drew Stanton, QB/Michigan St-Big time arm, but throws way too many int's, hasn't played up to his potential.

44 Anthony Gonzalez*, WR/Ohio St-Does all the little things, great routes, speed, hands, but is undersized and a little weak.

45 Justin Blalock, OG/Texas-Versatile, great technique, very experienced. What you see is what you get, not a ton of potential.

46 Eric Weddle, S/Utah-Versatile player even played QB some for the Utes, good overall athlete, but just isn't that big, fast, or strong.

47 Victor Abiamiri, DE/Notre Dame-Equally effective vs. the run and pass, but doesn't exactly stand out in any one area.

48 Buster David, MLB/Florida St-Very short for a MLB, but makes up for it with his intensity and instincts. A playmaker vs. the run and the pass.

49 Mario Henderson, OT/Florida St-What is a top 50 without a huge surprise? Henderson has everything the NFL looks for in their LT's (quick feet, long arms, killer instinct), and should be a very good late addition for whoever gets him. Not even listed in any top 100's that I've seen, but he's got all the tools needed to make it. Another interesting note: Henderson carries a backpack with all of his gametapes in it, so he can watch film and critique his performances every night. (I learned that from John Murphy's East-West Shrine Game Blog on

50 Mason Crosby, K/Colorado-He's one of the best kickers that I've ever seen. (and the only one I've ever had in my top 50) Can get close from 60+yds, nearly automatic from 40 and in.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Top 10 Combine Snubs

The NFL Combine Inviters always miss on some, and this year is no exception. Here's who I feel are the biggest surprise non-invites of the year. And remember, just because a player isn't invited to the combine, it won't ruin his draft chances. There are Pro-Days held by nearly every school after the Combine, and that gives many players the chance to show scouts what they can do.

1. Brian Smith, OLB/Missouri- I have no idea what’s up with this, but it’s one of the biggest surprises that I can remember. Maybe it has something to do with his season-ending injury this season, but he showed enough in the 3 years he played at Mizzou to receive an invite.

2. Brandon Myles, WR/West Virginia- How you can get an invite to the very prestigious Senior Bowl and not be one of the 300 or so players invited to the combine is beyond me. He didn’t do anything to hurt himself at the Senior Bowl, but he didn’t have great statistics in college because of West Virginia’s notorious running game.

3. Kyle Young, C/Fresno St- Believe it or not, many people had him as the top Senior Center in the country coming into the year. Had a sub-par season, but is still as big and strong as ever. Not a great athlete, will probably end up at OG in the NFL.

4. Mel Purcell, DE/Hawaii- In several Hawaii games that I saw, he actually impressed me just as much as (or maybe even more than) more heralded teammate (and one-time member of Mel Kiper’s Big Board) Ikaika Alama-Francis. Has all the tools to be successful in the NFL.

5. T.J. Downing, OG/Ohio St- Versatile technician with an excellent work ethic and a lot of experience. Really impressed me in the East-West Shrine game with his excellent hand-placement, strong base, and good feet. Not the greatest athlete, but, and remember I said this; he will START in the NFL someday.

6. Boo McLee, LB/West Virginia- I don’t know what the Combine Inviters have against West VA, but here’s another Senior Bowl player that failed to receive an invite. Did nothing but impress me with his solid speed for his size, and has been very productive over his career at WVU.

7. Justise Hairston, RB/Central Conn St- Has an excellent combination of size and athleticism. Transferred from Rutgers after Ray Rice and Brian Leonard took most of his P.T., but looked like a star earlier in his career over there. Impressed me in the Hula Bowl.

8. Tyler Ecker, TE/Michigan- He’s always been a good receiving TE, shows soft hands and above average athleticism, but really improved his blocking this year. Has all the tools to make it at the next level.

9. Brett Ratliff, QB/Utah- I really thought he’d show off his arm, size, and overall skills at the Combine, but he didn’t get an invite. Didn’t have a great senior season, was a little inconsistent but there’s no doubting his physical skills.

10. Joe Anoai, DL/Georgia Tech- Nobody knows what position he will end up at, (I think it’s 3-4 DE), but he’s a football player. He’s equally disruptive against the pass and the run. He’s a ‘tweener, lacks the athleticism to be a full time DE, size to be DT.

And finally, I haven't had time yet to come up with scouting reports on all these players, but here is my 1st annual "All-Combine-Snub Team"

QB: Brett Ratliff, Utah
RB: Justise Hairston, Central Conn St
FB: Jackie Battle, Houston
TE: Tyler Ecker, Michigan
WR: Brandon Myles, West Virginia
WR: Maurice Price*, Charleston Southern
LT: Daniel Inman, Georgia
LG: Kurt Quarterman, Louisville
C: Kyle Young, Fresno St
RG: T.J. Downing, Ohio St
RT: Peter Dyakowski, LSU

DE: Mel Purcell, Hawaii
DE: Darius Sanders, Oregon
DT: Joe Anoai, Georgia Tech
DT: Ola Dagunduro, Nebraska
MLB: Boo McLee, West Virginia
OLB: Brian Smith, Missouri
OLB: Mickey Pimentel, Cal
CB: Ramzee Robinson, Alabama
CB: John Talley, Duke
SS: Joe Sturdivant, SMU
FS: Andrew Shanle, Nebraska


Saturday, February 3, 2007

Texas vs. The Nation Game

The first annual Texas vs. The Nation Game was played yesterday, and I think it will be the first of many. It seems like a very good idea, and as a native Texan and a high school football player, I am very excited about Texas prospects getting so much attention for their talent.

Regrettably, I did not get a chance to watch the game. I completely forgot about recording it. Hopefully I can catch a re-run some time, and everybody makes mistakes sometimes.

Sigmund Bloom over at DraftDaddy provided some excellent, insightful coverage of the week's practices, and it can be seen here: