Sunday, May 10, 2009

Undrafted Free Agent Notes

Here are some guys we could hear from soon, this year's undrafted class was very deep compared to recent years. 

Top 10

1. Gerald Cadogan, OT/Penn St/Carolina
I had him rated as a 3rd-4th rounder, very smart and talented guy that had questions about his commitment to football and mean streak. Long arms, great feet, has the frame and intelligence to potentially start at LT someday.

2. Quan Cosby, WR/Texas/Cincinnati
He likely didn't get drafted because of his height and age, but there is no shortage of ability. Cincy could use a playmaking punt returner like Cosby, he's a great guy off the field and is very mature. Quick guy who could contribute in the slot.

3. Phillip Hunt, OLB/Houston/Cleveland
College DE with a ton of natural pass rushing ability, very long arms for his height, and has excellent athleticism. If he doesn't make it in Cleveland he could still be in the league for a while, not too many weaknesses in his game.

4. Rulon Davis, DE/California/Denver
Davis ran the 3-4 in college at Cal, and the Broncos are running it as their base D for the first time this year. That will give the former marine an opportunity to show a knowledge and familiarity with the system that few players on the roster will. He's at his best against the run and can bull rush, but likely didn't get drafted because of his age and lack of explosiveness.

5. Augustus Parrish, OT/Kent St/New Orleans
Athletic swing tackle with a good punch, sometimes his technique got sloppy in college but he showed a ton of potential in the postseason. Reminds me a lot of Oniel Cousins, a guy that will need some time but has the tools to work with.

6. Roger Allen, OG/St. Louis
He's a big, strong guard from a small school. Surprisingly nimble for such a big guy, I was extremely surprised he didn't get picked up on day 2. 

7. Jamarko Simmons, WR/Green Bay
Not many receivers are Simmons' size, and he has enough speed to stretch the field. His routes need some work, but he's just a natural athlete.

8. Mitch King, DT/Tennessee
Extremely productive, not a textbook DT at all but collapses the pocket with great intensity on every play. 

9. Brannan Southerland, FB/NY Jets
A traditional lead blocking FB that showcased surprising athleticism at the combine.

10. Graham Gano, K/P/Baltimore
His versatility might warrant a roster spot over incumbent Steve Hauschka.

Honorable Mention

Keith Fitzhugh, SS/NY Jets: Active special teamer, great in run support.

Zach Potter, DE/NY Jets: Prototypical 3-4 DE, great size.

Kory Sperry, TE/San Diego: Smooth receiving TE, needs to work on blocking.

Devin Moore, RB/Seattle: Extremely quick and productive scatback; a little small.

Cecil Newton, C/Jacksonville: Athletic center from the small school level.

Louis Ellis, NT/Miami: Miami doesn't have too many solid NT's, he has the size and skill to compete.

Darry Beckwith, ILB/San Diego: Productive and instinctive ILB.

Antonio Appleby, ILB/New England: Experienced in the 3-4, great against the run.

Jamar Love, CB/New England: Could contribute immediately as a gunner; blazing speed.

Dudley Guice, WR/Tennessee: Big, fast, impressed in the postseason; has potential.

Chris Baker, DT/Denver: He might be a DE in the 3-4, quick, natural pass rusher from the inside.

Frantz Joseph, MLB/Oakland: Excellent against the run, very powerful MLB.

Tyrell Sutton, RB/Green Bay: Pass catching and blocking skills might get him a shot as a 3rd down back.

Colt Anderson, SS/Minnesota: Smallish safety with great instincts, hustle player could make his mark on special teams.

Jason Chery, WR/KR/Carolina: Carolina's need of a return man will very likely be filled by him or his fellow UDFA Larry Beavers.

Jonathan Casillas, OLB/New Orleans: Has had a major problem with injuries, but is an extremely athletic guy and productive when healthy.

Michael Ray Garvin, KR/CB/Arizona: Amazing speed and instincts running with the ball, won't be counted on as a CB.

Kory Sheets, RB/San Francisco: Very quick, has a solid chance of sticking with the team as a special teamer/developmental type player.

Darius Hill, TE/Cincinnati: He was signed after a tryout, great potential in the passing game with his length and fluidity.

Will Johnson, DT/Baltimore: Extremely strong guy, great against the run.

Jason Watkins, OT/Houston: Long and athletic, might need some time but could develop as a LT.

Bill Rentmeester, FB/San Diego: Prolific special teamer at Wisconsin, but will it be enough to earn a roster spot in the NFL?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dallas Cowboys Draft Report

3 (69) Jason Williams, ILB/Western Illinois

-Athletic player they see as a potential starter down the road at ILB. Doesn’t possess ideal instincts and is several years away from contributing on anything other than special teams.

3 (75) Robert Brewster, OT/Ball State

-He doesn’t have great potential but was solid in college, probably just a backup swing OG/OT down the road.

4 (101) Stephen McGee, QB/Texas A&M

-I really think they should’ve gone in a different direction here. Had some solid pre-draft workouts but lost his job to Jerrod Johnson last season. Rhett Bomar was still on the board here and is much more talented in my opinion.

4 (110) Victor Butler, OLB/Oregon St

-A defensive end in college, Butler is a naturally talented pass rusher and could contribute on special teams right away.

4 (120) Brandon Williams*, DE/Texas Tech

-He lacks the athleticism to be an every down OLB, even in a 3-4, but is a skilled pass rusher and playmaker in the backfield. Has the frame to bulk up and may be asked to put on 20-30 lbs and play end.

5 (143) DeAngelo Smith, CB/Cincinnati

-A CB/S ‘tweener with ball skills; has some talent but lacks the speed to keep up with most receivers.

5 (166) Michael Hamlin, S/Clemson

-This is an excellent value pick. Hamlin has the size, instincts, and playmaking ability to compete for a starting job sooner than most 5th round picks would. Lacks elite speed but not many safeties have that anyways.

5 (172) David Buehler, K/USC

-The only reasoning I can see for this would be if the Cowboys believe a kickoff specialist is worth a 5th rounder, because that’s all he could do with Nick Folk already on the roster.

6 (197) Stephen Hodge, SS/TCU

-A guy with his size, speed, and aggressiveness should be able to make plays on special teams right away. Lacks the cover skills to ever start at safety and doesn’t have the frame to be a 3-4 OLB but could be a solid backup at both positions.

6 (208) Brad Phillips, TE/Virginia

-Solid blocking TE but will never be a threat in the passing game. Might have trouble making the team and seeing the field would be an even greater challenge with Bennett & Witten ahead of him.

7 (227) Mike Mickens, CB/Cincinnati

-Has a ton of talent but has trouble staying on the field. If he can overcome his injuries he could be a solid nickel CB down the road, similar to Aaron Glenn.

7 (229) Manuel Johnson, WR/Oklahoma

-Quick receiver with soft hands; has potential in the slot but guys like him are not hard to come by. Chances of making the active roster are slim.

The Good: Butler and Hamlin were probably their best picks; Hodge adds great value in the 6th as a special teamer and versatile backup.

The Bad: Both of the 3rd rounders were reaches that probably could’ve been available later. A kicker in the 5th doesn’t make any sense to me.

Grade: 3/10 (D)