Sunday, December 24, 2006

Colt Brennan

I just watched the Hawaii Bowl, between Hawaii and Arizona St, and here are my thoughts on the new all-time passing TD's in a season leader, Colt Brennan:

Positives: He is very accurate, doesn't have a very strong arm but is able to make all the throws and put some zip on it when he needs to. Very poised in the pocket, doesn't get sacked often, senses blitzes and knows what to do, doesn't panic. Great team leader, goes through his progressions and makes excellent, quick decisions with the ball. Hawaii head coach June Jones said he's "as good as" any QB he's ever coached, and he has coached Jim Kelly and Warren Moon.

Negatives: Many people say he is just a "system" QB. Not that big, prototype QB who can launch it 80 yards, but in the right system, he could get it done. While his numbers were definitely inflated, he is still a very talented player. A lot of his yardage today came when he would hit an underneath route, and the receiver would get some major Y.A.C. I never really saw him throw a true deep ball, which I would have liked to. Has a little bit of a weird release.

All that said, I doubt he will enter the draft this year. It would just not be the smart thing to do. This year, there's Brady Quinn, Troy Smith, and probably JaMarcus Russell, all of whom are possible top 15 picks. Next year, his biggest competition is probably going to end up being Brian Brohm. He said he'd need a first round grade from the NFL's advisory panel before entering, and I just don't know if he's going to get it. He will be a starter in the NFL someday, whenever he comes out.

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