Saturday, March 31, 2007

Quarterback Rankings

1. Brady Quinn, Notre Dame
6’4” 232; 4.73
Stats: 3,426yds; 37TDs 7Ints; 61.9%
Positives: He has the size, arm, athleticism, and smarts to be a big time QB. He was very productive, and played in a pro style offense. A good leader, might be ready to start sooner than JaMarcus, thanks to his experience under Charlie Weis.
Negatives: He never won the big game in college, a little streaky with his accuracy. He didn’t have the kind of senior year that many expected, but he didn't hurt himself.
Best Case: John Elway
Worst Case: Joey Harrington

2. JaMarcus Russell*, LSU
6’6” 265; 4.83
Stats: 3,129yds; 28TDs 8Ints; 67.8%
Positives: He’s got all the tools to develop into a top dropback QB. Has one of the strongest arms I’ve ever seen, is huge with above average mobility and pocket presence. Throws with excellent touch on deep passes, has a quick release.
Negatives: He isn’t the smartest guy around, throws into coverage sometimes and doesn’t make the best decisions. Might need some time to develop before he can start, lacks elite accuracy.
Best Case: The Old Daunte Culpepper
Worst Case: Rohan Davey

3. Kevin Kolb, Houston
6’3” 218; 4.85
Stats: 3,809yds; 30TDs 3Ints; 67.6%
Positives: He was extremely productive, is an experienced, tough team leader with the tools to start in the NFL. Has an underrated arm and can make all the throws, extremely quick release. Clutch player that makes big throws when it matters most. Completed 67% of his passes for 1,969yds, 15TDs and only 1int against the 6 bowl teams Houston played last season, so level of competition shouldn't be a factor at all.
Negatives: His numbers were inflated by the Houston system. He worked mostly out of shotgun, and might take some time to adjust to an NFL offense. His accuracy comes and goes, doesn’t throw a great deep ball.
Best Case: Marc Bulger
Worst Case: Billy Volek

4. Drew Stanton, Michigan St
6’3” 226; 4.75
Stats: 1,807yds; 12TDs 10Ints; 61.0%
Positives: He’s an excellent athlete with a great arm and is very accurate when he’s on. Has a lot of potential left thanks to his overall skill set.
Negatives: He might not have the mental toughness to make it in the NFL. Not a clutch player, is very inconsistent. Had an average senior year, threw too many interceptions.
Best Case: J.P. Losman
Worst Case: Drew Henson

5. Troy Smith, Ohio St
6’0” 225; 4.72
Stats: 2,542yds; 30TDs 6Ints; 65.3%
Positives: He was extremely productive in college, really improved as a passer every season. He’s a competitor, has good mobility, and can make all the throws.
Negatives: There aren’t many 6’0” QBs in the NFL, and he gets a lot of passes batted down. Mechanics need some work, he didn’t impress in the postseason.
Best Case: Kordell Stewart at his best
Worst Case: Anthony Wright

6. Trent Edwards, Stanford
6’4” 231; 4.76
Stats: 1,027yds; 6TDs 6Ints; 60.3%
Positives: He has some upside thanks to his combination of athleticism, size, and arm. He makes good decisions, and has solid accuracy and touch on short to middle routes.
Negatives: Had a very rough time in college, never put it all together on the field, although that had a lot to do with injuries and sub par talent around him. He doesn’t have elite tools and might be a gamble because of injury problems and average production.
Best Case: Eli Manning
Worst Case: Rob Johnson

7. Jared Zabransky, Boise St
6’2” 219; 4.56
Stats: 2,587yds; 23TDs 8Ints; 66.3%
Positives: He’s as tough as they come, a competitor and team leader. He’s a great athlete, is always a threat to run. Was very productive and is experienced, has a solid arm.
Negatives: He’s a little inconsistent and doesn’t have elite tools. Lacks top arm strength and isn’t the most accurate guy around.
Best Case: Jeff Garcia
Worst Case: Bradlee Van Pelt

8. Jeff Rowe, Nevada
6’5” 226; 4.98
Stats: 1,907yds; 17TDs 8Ints; 64.7%
Positives: He has excellent size, and is a better athlete than his 40 time suggests. He’s very accurate on short to intermediate passes, has good touch and is a leader.
Negatives: He didn’t play against top competition, has average arm strength and doesn’t throw a great deep ball.
Best Case: Brad Johnson w/the Bucs
Worst Case: Todd Collins

9. John Beck, BYU
6’2” 215; 4.80
Stats: 3,885yds; 32TDs 8Ints; 69.3%
Positives: He gets the most out of his tools, is a hard worker and an excellent leader. His quick release and consistent accuracy are his main strengths. Smart, makes sound decisions.
Negatives: He’s not a great athlete and lacks ideal size. Average arm strength, played in a pass happy offense at BYU. He’ll be a 26 year old rookie, which significantly limits his upside.
Best Case: Jake Delhomme
Worst Case: Matt Mauck

10. Isaiah Stanback, Washington
6’2” 213; 4.50*
Stats: 1,325yds; 10TDs 3Ints; 53.4%
Positives: He’s about as athletic as QBs come, ran the 60m and 100m dash for the Huskies track team, has experience at WR. Smart and can make all the throws.
Negatives: He might have to change positions, lacks accuracy and touch. He hasn’t had a chance to work out for scouts yet, had a bad foot injury last season.
Best Case: Poor man's Michael Vick
Worst Case: Tee Martin

11. Chris Leak, Florida
6’0” 209; 4.75
Stats: 2,942yds; 23TDs 13Ints; 63.6%
Positives: Has a solid arm and excellent accuracy. Throws perfect spirals consistently, which most receivers love. He’s a solid athlete and can run when he has to. Very smart and experienced, has the look of a career solid backup.
Negatives: He’s very small, lacks ideal toughness and strength. Measured in at just under 6’0”. Doesn’t throw a great deep ball, kind of quiet, not a great leader.
Best Case: Drew Brees
Worst Case: Brooks Bollinger

12. Jordan Palmer, UTEP
6’6” 231; 4.96
Stats: 3,595yds; 26TDs 14Ints; 65.7%
Positives: His brother being an NFL star is good for him, but he’s not near as talented. Has excellent size and was very productive. He’s tough and is a leader.
Negatives: He doesn’t have a great arm or accuracy, but those aren’t really weaknesses. Makes some bad decisions, which lead to too many interceptions. Poor athleticism.
Best Case: Kerry Collins in his prime
Worst Case: John Navarre

13. Jeff Smith, Georgetown (KY)
6’5” 235; 4.91
Stats: 2,367yds; 21TDs 12Ints; 57.6%
Positives: He has all the tools to be an excellent late round, developmental type of QB. Very good feet for his size, can make all the throws, really impressed me in the IntaJuice Classic, against some very good competition.
Negatives: He didn’t put up great numbers against NAIA competition, so you wonder how he’d do in the NFL. Has some occasional lapses in concentration, can make some bad decisions. Doesn’t have elite accuracy.
Best Case: Matt Schaub
Worst Case: Chad Hutchinson

14. Will Proctor, Clemson
15. Brett Ratliff, Utah
16. Tyler Palko, Pittsburgh
17. Zac Taylor, Nebraska
18. Luke Getsy, Akron
19. Justin Rascati, James Madison
20. Matt Moore, Oregon St
21. Tyler Thigpen, Coastal Carolina
22. Toby Korrodi, Central Missouri
23. Sam Hollenbach, Maryland
24. James Pinkney, ECU
25. Josh Swogger, Montana
26. Justin Zwick, Ohio St
27. Cullen Finnerty, Grand Valley St
28. Jeff Ballard, TCU
29. Matt Gutierrez, Idaho St
30. John Stocco, Wisconsin
31. Shawn Bell, Baylor
32. Lester Ricard, Tulane
33. Josh Brehm, Alma
34. Drew Tate, Iowa
35. Steven Moffett, UCF
36. Dalton Bell, West Texas A&M
37. Perry Patterson, Syracuse
38. Jeff Terrell, Princeton
39. Aries Nelson, Mississippi Valley St
40. Joseph Ayoob, California
41. Bryan Cupito, Minnesota
42. Scott Eyster, Delta St
43. Richard Bartel, Tarleton St
44. Anton Clarkson, Hofstra
45. Kevin Huff, Tuskegee
46. Marvin Burroughs, Villanova
47. Jon Grant, UC Davis


Anonymous said...

If the worst case for Kolb is Billy Volek, then he can't be too bad.

Anonymous said...

great article as always!!!

JP said...

The worst case for Kolb is probably being a solid backup, which is what I think Volek is. I like him more than most people do, though, and I'm confident he can start in the NFL.

Anonymous said...

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