Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Last night's Fiesta Bowl was the most exciting football game I've seen since V.Y. vs. USC. It was very important for the college game and really showed the need for a playoff system. Here are some of my observations from last night's game:

1. Who wouldn't love to see Boise State vs. Ohio State?

2. Boise State's Chris Petersen is a great coach. That was the gutsiest play calling I've ever seen, and in the end, he gave all the credit to the backup QB's.

3. How about Dan Hawkins. Everyone thought that Boise might struggle without him, but they end up undefeated and in the Fiesta Bowl, and Hawkins goes 2-9 with Colorado.

4. Jared Zabransky really impressed me. He's a great team leader, he's athletic, and he's mentally tough. After that INT that would have cost them the game, he drives them down the field to a game tying score with no time left. He's a lot like Jeff Garcia, a guy that won't wow anybody with his size or arm, but he's a winner and gets the job done. Could be a steal on the 2nd day.

5. College overtime is great.

6. Adrian Peterson looked healthy to me, but his O-Line couldn’t give him any room to run. He finished with some pretty good stats (77yds 2TDs) and should be at least a top 10 pick, possibly top 5.

7. Rufus Alexander had yet another great game, making plays all over the field. In my opinion, he can now be mentioned with Patrick Willis and Paul Posluszny in that top group of LB's. He is a little small (6-1 230), but he makes up for it with his athleticism and playmaking.

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