Tuesday, January 16, 2007

IntaJuice North-South All Star Game

I just now got the chance to watch last Saturday's IntaJuice Game. Here's who impressed me the most and why:

1. Stephen Nicholas, OLB/South Florida (6-3 225) His instincts and read-react skills are one of the best in this year's class. Lacks size and speed, but works through traffic well and sheds blocks. Looks fluid in coverage, but needs to add a little weight.

2. Matt Trannon, WR/Michigan St (6-6 230) Former Michigan State basketball player, and you can tell by the way he boxes out and goes up for the ball. Won some jump balls in this one. Lacks ideal quickness, is a long strider.

3. Chase Johnson, OT/Wyoming (6-8 325) Powerful, engulfs smaller defenders. Has the ideal frame to be a RT in the NFL. Can be beat by speed rushers, isn't a top athlete.

4. Jeff Smith, QB/Georgetown College (6-6 240) Prototype pocket passing QB, ideal size and arm strength. Looked impressive in this game, threw the deep ball with touch. Needs to make better decisions.

5. Cory Anderson, FB/Tennessee (6-3 275) He has ideal size and athleticism for the fullback position. Fullbacks are not needed in the NFL as much these days, but he is very talented and should get a look later in the draft.

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