Sunday, January 28, 2007

Senior Bowl

After watching the whole Senior Bowl 2 times, I came up with this list of the most impressive players:

1. Patrick Willis, LB/Ole Miss (6-1 240)-He was all over the place all night. Showed top-notch instincts and athletic ability. The knock on him has been his coverage, but he looked very fluid in that area. Came up with 11 tackles and a FF.

2. Levi Brown, OT/Penn St (6-5 323)-Has been projected to the right side in the NFL, but showed the quick feet and technique needed to stay at LT. Didn't take any plays off (like he has been known to do in the past), and looked great in both run and pass blocking.

3. Amobi Okoye, DT/Louisville (6-2 287)-Only 19 years old, so he definitely has amazing potential. Very active on the inside, solid pass rusher. Nice combination of brute strength and athleticism.

4. Adam Carriker, DE/Nebraska (6-6 292)-Looks like a future 3-4 DE, has excellent size and good athleticism. He even beat his man on 2 outside speed rushes. Excels vs. the run, but can get to the passer as well.

5. Drew Stanton, QB/Michigan St (6-3 226)-Showed an excellent arm, made good decisions, and moved well in the pocket. Has all the tools of a 1st rounder, but inconsistency and INT's have plagued him over his career.

6. David Harris, LB/Michigan (6-2 239)-Very good instincts, may not be a top athlete, but reads and reacts as well as anyone in this class. Solid vs. the run, rarely lets OLmen get to him. Moves well thru traffic, also performed well on Special Teams.

7. Brian Leonard, RB/Rutgers (6-1 224)-It's no secret that Leonard wants to be an full-time RB in the NFL, and he just came closer to accomplishing that goal. Ran very hard, caught the ball well, and showed solid athleticism. His versatility should get his name called somewhere on the 1st day.

8. Tony Hunt, RB/Penn St (6-2 239)-Offensive MVP, a North-South kind of runner. Doesn't waste a whole lot of time dancing in the backfield, makes one cut and goes. Runs thru arm tackles well, looked very big and powerful.

9. Brandon Meriweather, DB/Miami (5-11 192)-To improve his stock, Meriweather needed to show he was capable of playing CB, and that's just what he did. If he didn't have any off-field issues or character questions, he'd be a late first rounder. Unfortunately, that's not the case, so he'll probably slip to the 3rd.

10. Kareem Brown, DT/Miami (6-4 303)-Brown has been known to play lazy and get out of shape, but he sure looked like a player in this game. Fired out and got excellent penetration. Great size, is hard to move, stout vs. the run.

Honorable Mention

Manuel Ramirez, OG/Texas Tech (6-3 335)-Wasn't even pushed back by Antonio Johnson, one of the strongest players in the whole game. Excellent run blocker, has a lot of experience pass blocking, but isn't a top athlete. He is expected to post one of the highest bench numbers at the combine, though.

Michael Griffin, S/Texas (6-0 195)-On the opening kickoff, he beat every other player down the field by at least 10-15 yards. If he doesn't run under a 4.4, I'll be very surprised. Looked solid in coverage and vs. the run, but has to control his habit of gambling for the big play, only to get beat deep.

Jason Hill, WR/Washington St (6-1 204)-He showed excellent burst and acceleration (2 of the biggest knocks on him) on the 35-yard reverse in the 1st half, and great concentration on his tipped TD catch, but did have a pretty bad drop later in the game.

Le'Ron McClain, FB/Alabama (6-0 265)-A mammoth lead blocker, has soft hands for a guy his size. Just punishes smaller LB's and creates huge holes for RB's.

Aundrae Allison, WR/ECU (6-0 197)-Showed the ability to get separation, which was a bit of a concern for him, and also had a couple very nice catches. Not the biggest or strongest guy, but he can make plays.

Samson Satele, OG/C/Hawaii (6-2 294)-Versatile technician, solid overall strength and athleticism. Holds his own against huge NT's as well as quick DT's.

Jonathan Wade, CB/Tennessee (5-10 192)-Former trackstar, excellent speed and acceleration. Showed fluidity and cover skills, very rarely beaten. Also made some plays on special teams.

Jay Moore, DE/Nebraska (6-5 276)-Defensive Player of the Game, but 2 of his 3 sacks came when he was unblocked. Not a flashy guy, doesn't do anything great, but does everything solid.

Kevin Payne, S/La-Monroe (6-0 215)-Nobody was talking about him coming into the game, but he definitely showed he could play with the big boys. Sure tackler, good size/strength. Has solid speed, but nothing special.

Kenny Irons, RB/Auburn (5-11 198)-Showed good quickness and surprising power for his size. Should be a nice change-of-pace guy, but his slight build and injury problems have me questioning his ability to carry the load.

*Dwayne Bowe, WR/LSU (6-2 222)-He probably had the best practices of the week, but he didn't even register a stat in the game.

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