Monday, January 15, 2007

Declared Underclassmen

The following players have reportedly declared themselves eligible for the 2007 NFL Draft. This list will be updated regularly:

Dwayne Wright, RB/Fresno State (6-1 220) He had major knee surgery in '04, but appears to be fully healed. He has the tools to be a running back in the NFL, solid combination of size and speed. Was very productive this year, one of the few bright spots for an underachieving Fresno State team. Medical exams at the combine will be extremely important for him.
This year's stats: 1,462yds 11TDs 5.6ypc
Projected Round: 3-4

Rory Johnson, LB/Ole Miss (6-1 235) Was overshadowed by fellow LB, All-Everything Patrick Willis, but he does have some talent. Played well in JuCo, only spent one year at Ole Miss. Good speed, probably will get drafted with good workouts, but another year in school would have helped.
This year's stats: 94tkls 2FR 3FF
Projected Round: 5-6

Chris Henry, RB/Arizona (6-0 230) He's an amazing athlete. Had a disappointing year, though, with only 3.5ypc. Will probably post a very good 40 time and bench a lot, but I don't really know if he can be an NFL RB. People who like him say his poor production is because of a poor OL. That's part of it, but he's not that quick, doesn't run with great vision. Someone will probably take him late if he works out like expected.
This year's stats: 581yds 7TDs
Projected Round: 6-7

Stanley Doughty, DT/South Carolina (6-1 330) He's definitely a wide body and has potential if he can ever get his priorities straight. Extremely strong, hard to move, could be a project at NT. GM's will probably shy away from him after talking to Steve Spurrier, who had him in his doghouse because of weight problems and laziness.
This year's stats: 17tkls
Probable Round: 7-FA

Gary Russell, RB/Minnesota (5-11 215) Didn't play at Minnesota this year, due to academic problems. Had a huge year in '05, looked like a future star and 1st rounder while backing up Laurence Maroney. He has good speed, size and runs with surprising power. Good decision taking advantage of a weak senior class. Needs to look good in workouts after taking a year off.
2005 stats: 1,130yds 18TDs 6.1ypc
Projected Round: 3-4

Eric Wright, CB/UNLV (5-11 190) Former USC starter, only spent one season at UNLV. He's very quick and can also return kicks. Didn't produce great stats this year, because teams rarely threw to his side of the field. Not very big, doesn't help out vs. the run. Has had problems with the law, pretty big character concerns. Has the tools to be a shutdown corner, but it might take some time and coaching.
This year's stats: 29tkls 1int 1FF
Projected Round: 4-5

Lawrence Timmons, LB/Florida St (6-3 230) He's a great athlete, will probably test very well at the combine. Rugged player that combines athleticism with toughness. Still a little raw and might want to add some weight.
This year's stats: 74tkls 18TFL 5sacks 1int 2TDs
Projected Round: 1-2

Greg Olsen, TE/Miami (6-5 250) Talented receiver, good athlete with soft hands. Coaches at Miami think he has a chance to be the best Miami TE ever, which is saying a lot when you think of Jeremy Shockey and Kellen Winslow. Really needed to improve his blocking, but failed to this year. Didn't put up impressive numbers, but a lot of that was because of inconsistent QB play.
This year's stats: 40rec 489yds 1TD
Projected Round: 1-2

Charles Johnson, DE/Georgia (6-2 275) He doesn't have the ideal height of a DE, but he's definitely not small. Solid overall athlete with good pass rush skills and surprising power for his size. Outplayed preseason All-American Quentin Moses at times this year. He doesn't have the prototypical measurables that most first round DE's carry, but he is a very good player.
This year's stats: 40tkls 7.5sacks 16TFL
Projected Round: 1-2

Danny Ware, RB/Georgia (6-1 220) He looked very good early in his career, and was the first freshman to start on opening day at RB since Charles Smith in 1943. (He had 135yds 3TDs). Lost a lot of PT to Thomas Brown and Kregg Lumpkin, but wasn't very impressive when he did get the chance to play. He does have the size and athleticism to be an NFL back, but appeared to regress over his career at Georgia.
This year's stats: 302yds 3TDs 4.0ypc
Projected Round: 7-FA

Marshawn Lynch, RB/California (5-11 215) It was a foregone conclusion that he would enter the draft. Had a great year, was Pac-10 Offensive POY. He has great moves, good speed, and can run through arm tackles. He's in my top 10 right now.
This year's stats: 1,356yds 11TDs 6.1ypc
Projected Round: Early 1st

Robert Meachem, WR/Tennessee (6-3 215) He's as physically impressive as any WR in the senior class, with an excellent combination of size and speed. Some might think he's a risk in the first round, considering he only has one good season in college under his belt. He could improve his routes.
This year's stats: 71rec 1,298yds 11TD's
Projected Round: 1-2

JaMarcus Russell, QB/LSU (6-6 260) A beast. He'd be the biggest quarterback in the NFL right away, but he can still move around well. Rumored to throw around 80 yards, and had an excellent junior season. His decision making is sometimes questionable, but his potential is so high, he should go top 10, maybe top 5.
This year's stats: 3,129yds 28TD's 8Int's
Projected Round: Early 1st

Jamaal Anderson, DE/Arkansas (6-6 280) Had a breakout junior season. Prototypical size/athleticism combination, could be a Richard Seymour type in the NFL. With good workouts, he could be top 15. Lacks elite quickness and explosiveness.
This year's stats: 65tkls 19.5TFL 13.5sacks
Projected Round: 1

Antwan Applewhite, DE/San Diego St (6-4 245) Pretty good athlete, will probably be a 3-4 OLB. Solid size/speed combo, productive pass rusher at SDSU. A 'tweener, probably won't be drafted without excellent workouts.
This year's stats: 52tkls 6sacks
Projected Round: 7-FA

Jon Beason, OLB/Miami (6-0 230) He really impressed me this year. Very good speed, explosiveness. Excellent tackler, solid in coverage. Plays very aggressive, sometimes a little overaggressive. Can be overpowered by OLmen, lacks ideal size.
This year's stats: 66tkls 8TFL 1FF 1FR
Projected Round: 2

Alan Branch, DT/Michigan (6-6 330) A probable top 10 pick, possibly the first Defensive Player taken. Huge and athletic, former HS running back. Takes up a ton of space and is very hard to move. Nose Tackle?
This year's stats: 25tkls 6TFL 2sacks 2FF 3FR
Projected Round: Top 10

C.J. Gaddis, CB/Clemson (6-0 205) Lacks ideal instincts, gets by with his athleticism and size. Could make a move to Safety in the NFL. Helps vs. the run, but gets burned too often, especially vs. smaller, quicker WR's.
This year's stats: 27tkls 7.5TFL 2INT
Projected Round: 4-5

Anthony Gonzalez, WR/Ohio St (5-11 195) Very quick, was timed faster in the 40 than Ted Ginn Jr at Ohio State. Underappreciated, very hard worker with good hands. Doesn't possess ideal size or strength but could be an excellent slot receiver in the pros.
This year's stats: 51rec 734yds 8TDs
Projected Round: 2

Chris Houston, CB/Arkansas (5-11 190) Good quickness and athleticism, very fluid in coverage. Lacks elite size and speed, can be owned occasionally by bigger wideouts.
This year's stats: 45tkls 3INT
Projected Round: 2-3

Dwayne Jarrett, WR/USC (6-5 215) Coming off a career performance in the Rose Bowl, has excellent size and hands. Knows how to use his body to shield defenders, makes some amazing catches. Some question his character and work ethic.
This year's stats: 70rec 1015yds 12TDs
Projected Round: Top 15

Calvin Johnson, WR/Georgia Tech (6-5 230) The best WR prospect I've ever seen, amazing talent. I think he's the #1 overall player in this draft. Excellent size/speed/strength/hands. No uncorrectable weaknesses.
This year's stats: 76rec 1,202yds 15TDs
Projected Round: Top 5

Zach Miller, TE/Arizona St (6-5 255) Very good receiver, reminds some of Todd Heap. Consistent hands, solid blocker, but isn't a freak athlete, so may slip to 2nd round.
This year's stats: 50rec 484yds 4TDs
Projected Round: 1-2

Adrian Peterson, RB/Oklahoma (6-2 215) Excellent size and speed, runs extremely hard. If he can stay healthy, should be an elite NFL back. Has only played one full season in college, but was still very productive.
This year's stats: 1,012yds 12TDs 5.4ypc (Only 6 games)
Projected Round: Top 10

Darrelle Revis, CB/Pittsburgh (6-0 200) Has the potential to be the top CB selected this year. Top notch athlete, prototype size/speed for a corner. Is also a top return man. Doesn't have great instincts and hasn't lived up to his talent yet.
This year's stats: 39tkls 2INT 1TD
Projected Round: 1

Sidney Rice, WR/South Carolina (6-4 190) He's probably right below that top group of WR's (Calvin, Jarrett, Ginn). He isn't that fast or strong, but has excellent hands and wins a ton of jump balls.
This year's stats: 72rec 1,090yds 10TDs
Projected Round: 1

Ramonce Taylor, RB/Texas (5-11 190) Has had some major problems, both academically and with the law. Didn't play this past year, but still has amazing speed. Could be a kick returner at the next level.
2005 stats: 513yds 12TDs 6.8ypc
Projected Round: 6-7

Darius Walker, RB/Notre Dame (5-10 210) Coming off a big time performance against LSU, figured his stock wouldn't get any higher with one more year. Lacks ideal size/strength/speed, probably won't be a starter in the NFL.
This year's stats: 1,267yds 7TDs 5.0ypc
Projected Round: 4-5

Ryan Smith, CB/Florida (5-10 170) Has excellent speed and quickness. Very small and can easily be overpowered. Probably lacks size/strength to be a starter, but could be a very solid nickelback. Great ball skills, hands.
This year's stats: 54tkls 8INTs
Projected Round: 3-4

Jarvis Moss, DE/Florida (6-6 250) Amazing athlete, top pass rusher. He has the talent to be a star, if he can add weight and maintain his explosiveness/quickness. Can be overpowered, struggles when ran at.
This year's stats: 56tkls 11TFL 7.5sacks 4FF 2blkd kicks
Projected Round: 1-2

Reggie Nelson, S/Florida (6-0 195) Has an amazing combo of speed and playmaking ability. Has a nose for the ball and good ball skills. Can deliver the big hit and support vs. the run, but may have to add size/strength to play as physical as he does in the NFL.
This year's stats: 51tkls 6INTs
Projected Round: 1

Jon Abbate, MLB/Wake Forest (5-11 245) Reminds some of Zach Thomas. Very undersized for an ILB, not anything special in terms of athleticism. Plays with aggressiveness and intelligence, excellent open field tackler. Physical, not afraid to take on bigger players. Don't doubt him.
This year's stats: 120tkls 3sacks 1int 1FF 1FR
Projected Round: 3-4

Brandon Siler, MLB/Florida (6-2 235) Excellent combination of size/strength/speed. Didn't have as good of a junior year as expected, but is extremely talented. Could improve in coverage, isn't really fluid in that area.
This year's stats: 77tkls 10TFL 1FF 1FR
Projected round: 2

Ted Ginn Jr, WR/Ohio St (6-0 180) Amazing speed, a gamebreaker. Threat to go the distance every time. Still a little raw as a receiver, not very strong, but has solid hands. Needs to add weight to become a full time WR, but could be a difference maker right away in the return game.
This year's stats: 59rec 781yds 9TDs
Projected round: Top 15

Antonio Pittman, RB/Ohio St (5-11 195) Solid RB, but doesn't do anything great. Doesn't have elite top end speed, is a little small. Had a very good year, shows good quickness and burst, with surprising power for his size.
This year's stats: 1,233yds 14TDs 5.1ypc
Projected round: 2-3

Ahmad Bradshaw, RB/Marshall (5-10 195)

Jason Jack, DE/Texas A&M (6-4 275)

Maurice Price, WR/Charleston Southern (6-1 190)

Keenan Carter, DT/Virginia (6-1 310)

Brandon Jackson, RB/Nebraska (5-11 210)

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